Meeting documents

Community Partnerships Board
Tuesday, 28th April, 2009 9.30 am


Tuesday 28 April 2009, 8.30am
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead

    Dani Bowman Army Welfare Service
    John Chetter Maidenhead Chamber of Commerce
    Peter Coleman Windsor Housing
    Elaine Cook Community Council Berkshire
    David Coppinger WMVA
    Asa Cunniff Federation of Small Businesses
    Elizabeth Hale Audit Commission
    Paul Jacques RB Fire & Rescue Service
    Chris Jenkins Audit Commission
    Sally Kemp NHS Berkshire East
    Vinnie McCann Transition Town Maidenhead
    Sean McMullen Household Cavalry Regiment
    Hilary Murgatroyd Thames Water
    Janet Novak GOSE
    Kostas Panagiotou Victim Support Berkshire
    Karnail Pannu Windsor & Maidenhead Community Forum
    Jane Sparkes Thames Valley Jobcentre Plus
    Bala Subramanian Federation of Small Businesses
    Jon Thompson Learning Skills Council
    Peter Thorn Berkshire College of Agriculture
    Amanda Walters Grown Our Own
    Fiona Winrow Windsor & Maidenhead Voluntary Action

    Ian Trenholm (Chairman) RBWM Chief Executive
    Cllr Mrs Bateson (Vice Chairman) RBWM
    Cllr Chelani RBWM
    Anita Cleare Children’s Trust Development Manager
    Nicola Davidson Community Partnership Co-ordinator
    Andrew Elkington Head of Policy & Performance
    Liz Hornby Democratic Services
    Harjit Hunjan Community & Business Partnerships Manager
    Brian Martin Community Safety Co-ordinator
    Kevin Mist Head if Leisure
    Ed Thompson Joint Commissioning Manager
    Angela Wellings Head of Children’s Commissioning


    Welcome by Chairman

    Ian Trenholm welcomed members to the forum and outlined the Agenda for the meeting.

    Ambition Group Performance Update

    Healthier Communities

    Ed Thompson reported that all but one target were on track. The Smoking Cessation target was under pressure due to the numbers of people stopping smoking was not known unless they registered at a local pharmacy or Health Centre where records were kept. It as noted that the Smoking Cessation target was 20% under target at present, which would lead to a loss of £48,000. Fiona Winrow advised the Board that pouches called ‘Stubbi’ were being distributed and there was a possibility of advertising the Helpline telephone number on them.

    The Board was also made aware that the number of ‘over 80s’ would increase substantially over the next 10 years and therefore would have an impact on Health and Wellbeing services and targets.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –
      Ø The Healthier Communities Ambition Group would like to inform the Community Partnership Board that there were concerns about meeting the LAA designated target NI146 – Learning Disabled in Employment due to the downturn in the economic climate.
      Ø A reminder that the partnership needed to work together to achieve the general smoking cessation target, as failure to meet this in 09/10 would result in a 20% loss of reward on the BME smoking target.

    Children & Young People

    Angela Wellings reported on NI56 (Obesity among primary children in Year 6) target where the figures had increased from 13.6% to 15.6% against a target decrease to 12.8%. The target for this year was 12.4% although this figure was still lower than some of the neighbouring authorities.

    NI51 – Effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services the annual result had exceeded the target of 12/16 to 13/16 which was a self-assessment score based on a maximum of 4 points for each of four aspects of CAMHS). The target for this year was 14/16.

    The Board noted under the heading ‘Narrowing the attainment gap: Increase percentage of pupils of Pakistani origin achieving Level 5 at Key Stage 3 in English, Maths and Science’ that Key Stage 3 tests had been demolished and that clarification is awaited as to how this particular target would be measured. The Board also noted that the target was currently short for the academic year 07/08 with 48% against target of 52.5%, down 3% on the previous year. The target for the 08/09 academic year was 54%.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Community Partnership Board were –
      Ø For partners to consider how elements of their service could contribute to reducing childhood obesity locally.

    Safer & Stronger

    Brian Martin (Safer Ambition Group) reported on the following targets –

    NI16 Serious Acquisitive Crime - proved a good year although slightly off target and predicted a tough year ahead.

    NI21 Perception of how well the police and council are dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour – this target was agreed in the Refresh. It was considered a major target to the Police and Royal Borough and it was commented that staff needed to put out a positive working message. It was reported that there was one piece of bad news compared to nine pieces of good news.

    NI49 The number of primary fires and related fatalities and non-fatal casualties. It was noted that this target was negotiated as part of the refresh process and was too early to report.

    The target to Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour: No completing Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) successfully. This target was successfully achieved one year ahead of schedule. The CDRP had further work to complete and required input from the Housing Association.

    Reduce incidents of common assault and non-domestic wounding. It was unlikely that this target would be met. Numerous options had been considered, but none of them could guarantee success. It was noted that work would continue with this target.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –
      Ø That consideration should be given to re-allocating some unused funds from the LAA1 Target around reducing non-domestic violent crime to the ASB LAA1 target and the Green Flag Status for Parks to pay for the perception surveys and associated activity to achieve the targets.

    Fiona Winrow (Stronger Ambition Group) reported that and audit was carried out in relation to volunteering which was an increasingly difficult target to meet. It was noted that Communication was a key target.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –
      Ø Advice was required on how to further encourage and engage with volunteer groups through incentives and ways to communicate.
      Ø Information was required from Partner organisations on volunteer numbers.

    Sustainable Environment

    Hilary Murgatroyd reported the following:

    NI155 – Number of affordable homes delivered – on track
    NI186 – Per capita CO2 emissions in the LA area – there would be no figures until later in 2009.
    NI188 – Adapting to climate change – this had reached level zero.
    NI198 – Children Travelling to School – mode of transport usually used. This had achieved a reduction in 2007-2008 although the figures were to be verified.

    It was hoped that the ‘Earth From The Air’ exhibition could be brought to the Royal Borough, but that sponsorship was required. Any Partners who wished to be involved were requested to contact the Royal Borough.

    Economic Vitality and Inclusion

    Harjit Hunjan reported that the Ambition Group met in January and Terms of Reference had been established although the group would have a general economic development remit, the initial focus of the group would be Skills and Employment.

    NI64 – Proportion of population aged 19-24 for males and 19-59 for females qualified to at least Level 3 or higher. This target addressed the important role the Royal Borough had with regard to economic development and the key part that skills and qualifications played in supporting economic development.

    It was reported that the unemployment rate had risen to 2000 in March from 700 before Christmas, although it was noted that this figure was better than the South East average and was a positive sign. It was reported, through Grow Your Own, that due to the high numbers of unemployed and their skill sets, disadvantaged people who were looking for work were finding it increasingly difficult to find employment. Further venues for advice ‘clinics’ were being sought across the Borough.

    The Ambition Group would meet again in the near future to discuss long-term and disadvantaged unemployed. It was also noted that information on the RBWM website was difficult to find and could be confusing.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –

    Increase employment rates. Plans were in place to meet the target as follows:
      Ø Gain approval to utilise funds for a support worker to be recruited to target cohort.
      Ø Sign up more partners to support delivery.

    LAA Refresh Position

    Please see attached summary.

    LAA Reward Grant

    Councillor Mrs Bateson reported that it was fast approaching a critical phase in the delivery of the 13 existing LAA targets ending in 2010. The performance of those targets was very important, as there was a potential of some three and half million pounds of reward grant linked to achieving these targets.

    Based on the quarter three performance data however, the Royal Borough was on track to achieve about 54% or just under two million pounds of this LAA reward entitlement and we stand to lose 40% or just under one and half million pounds of this reward entitlement.

    The ambition group leads had been asked to look into ways on how to improve this performance and whether better use could be made of the remaining pump priming funding that had been given to help the Board achieve these targets.

    There was an important role for the partnership and ambition groups to play in working together to help ensure that the Board is able to maximise this performance and we would welcome your views on how this can be ensured it would happen.

    Harjit Hunjan drew attention to the impacts on rewards and reported that all targets were important. Harjit reported that it was presently 54% on reward but that there was a danger of drawing down £1.5million and the Partnership was now looking at ways on how to maximise this issue. Ideas would be identified and Ambition Groups would take forward to Partners. The Board noted that there was a target date of March 2010 and recognised that this was a relatively short time.

    CAA Update & Discussion

    The Board received a presentation from Elizabeth Hale and Chris Jenkins of the Audit Commission, which are attached to these Minutes.

    CAA – Improving Partnership Working

    Andrew Elkington, reported that although he was new to the Royal Borough he had been involved with CAA previously. The CAA represented a good opportunity with sound questions being asked with genuine outcomes for residents and business in the Borough. Andrew Elkington commented that he would work with Harjit Hunjan to identify the way forward.

    Any Other Business

    There was no other business received.

    Summary and Close

    Ian Trenholm thanked everyone for their detailed reports and was pleased that Partners were working together to co-ordinate the way forward.

    Next meeting

    The next meeting of the Community Partnership Board will be held on 28 Julyl 2009 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead.