Meeting documents

Community Partnerships Board
Tuesday, 28th July, 2009 9.30 am


Tuesday 27 July 2009, 8.30am
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead

    Claire Cullen SEEDA
    Tim De Meyer Thames Valley Police
    Bob Ellis East Berks EBP
    Carolyn Finlay Berkshire East PCT
    Patricia Lattimer Citizens Advice Bureau
    Gill Major NHS BE
    Andy Mancey Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service
    Hilary Murgatroyd Thames Water
    Janet Novak GOSE
    Lynne Saint Berkshire College of Agriculture
    Ganesh Seharajah Business Link
    Angela Snowling Berkshire East PCT
    Tony Stock WMVA
    Peter Thorn Berkshire College of Agriculture
    Amanda Walters Grown Our Own
    Fiona Winrow Windsor & Maidenhead Voluntary Action
    Paul Yates Windsor Housing

    Ian Trenholm (Chairman) RBWM Chief Executive
    Cllr Mrs Bateson (Vice Chairman) RBWM
    Mark Camp-Overy Projects Officer, Leisure Services
    Andrew Elkington Head of Policy & Performance
    Cllr J Evans RBWM
    Liz Hornby Democratic Services
    Kevin Johnson Lifestyle Referral Co-ordinator
    Brian Martin Community Safety Co-ordinator
    Anna Perry Policy & Performance Manager
    Angela Wellings Head of Children’s Commissioning


    Welcome by Chairman

    Ian Trenholm welcomed members to the forum and outlined the Agenda for the meeting.

    Ambition Group Performance Update

    Healthier Communities

    Carolyn Finlay reported that Ian Bellinger had recently given a presentation on ‘Planning and the Delivery of Healthy Communities’. The Board also noted that NI146 was graded ‘Amber’ due to the economic downturn and therefore slightly under-achieving. Smoking cessation had achieved 86.6% of target and it was noted that the PCT was working with Leisure facilities to assist in achieving the full target.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –
      Ø The Healthier Communities Ambition Group would like the Community Partnership Board to note that there were concerns about meeting the LAA designated target NI146 – Learning Disabled in Employment due to the downturn in the economic climate.
      Ø A reminder that the Partnership must continue to work together to achieve the general smoking cessation target as failure to meet this in 09/10 would result in a 20% loss of reward on the BME smoking target.

    Children & Young People

    Angela Wellings reported on the target for 08/09 in relation to the number of people with BMI >30 had been achieved, although the Healthy Schools Initiative was slightly below target at 74% - the target of which was 75%. The Board also noted that it was hoped to educate people at an earlier age by making information available at Children’s Centres across the Borough.

    Safer & Stronger

    Brian Martin (Safer Ambition Group) reported on the following targets –

    NI16 Serious Acquisitive Crime – this target had slipped in the first couple of months and it was noted that there were many actions in place with briefings taking place at Police stations every morning. Briefing meetings between the parking and street enforcement officers and Police took place weekly. It was noted that there were 16 car crimes last week, the majority being snapped off aerials.

    NI21 Perception of how well the police and council are dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour – this target was progressing well. A training event for Police Community Support Officers and Community Wardens was held on 15 July.

    NI49 The number of primary fires and related fatalities and non-fatal casualties. It was noted that this target was presently at Amber which was due to a problem with data-flows. The Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service (RBFRS) had explained that there was an error in the computing system and that this would be resolved.

    Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour: People’s perceptions of ASB issues – Brian Martin reported that young people were being involved in running drugs awareness courses and that a Support Contract Officer was due to be employed in the near future.

    The Board agreed that with acquisitive crime on the increase all Partners with large email circulations should be contacted to encourage as many people as possible to report any suspicious activity to the Police. Brian Martin agreed to draft the email to be sent to Partners.

    Decisions and recommendations to the Board were –
      Ø That the Community Partnership Board note the changes of achieving the LAA Reward target on Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with interventions would be enhanced by the appointment of a temporary contract worker.

    Fiona Winrow (Stronger Ambition Group) reported that attracting membership to the Stronger Ambition group was proving difficult as resources were seemingly stretched. Fiona Winrow also reported that the number of volunteers who had contacted the WMVA had increased sharply over recent months.

    Sustainable Environment

    Hilary Murgatroyd reported that she had recently stepped down and that John Petitt had taken her place. Hilary Murgatroyd reported the following:

    NI155 – Number of affordable homes delivered – the number of affordable units for 2008/09 had been achieved. A further 8 units had come through in April 2009. It was also noted that the economic downturn could possibly impact on this target towards the end of the 3-year period. The Board noted that there were 38 My Choice Homebuy and Open Market Homebuy completions in the Royal Borough in 2008/09.
    NI186 – Per capita CO2 emissions in the LA area – regular interim data was unavailable (via DEFRA), but to reflect the qualitative changes/measures the following was noted that The Sustainability Team had made a bid to be part of the Energy Saving Trust One-to-One programme.
    NI188 – Adapting to climate change – The matrix showed that the first stage of the LAA had been achieved.
    NI198 – Children Travelling to School – mode of transport usually used. This item was presently at Amber following a report that 42.2% of children travel to school by car on 2006/07. The target was 37% of children travelling by car in 2010/11.
    Reduce Waster to landfill and increase recycling – This target included the increase of household waste recycling and composting measured by NI192 to 33.75% by 2010. The results so far proved very promising with recycling and composting averaging at 37%.

    Economic Vitality and Inclusion

    NI163 and NI164 – Proportion of population aged 19-24 for males and 19-59 for females qualified to at least Level 2 and 3 or higher. This was slightly below target .

    Healthier Communities

    Please see attached presentation.

    A workshop in relation to Tackling Inequalities then followed the presentation by Carolyn Finlay and Angela Snowling and the four separate tables commented as follows –

    Table 1 commented that more information in relation to who is getting a ‘raw deal’ should be available. Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough were noted as very different areas and that there was an economy of scale when all three areas were placed together. It was noted that the more deprived areas would receive the most help and as a consequence concern was raised as to the amount of help Windsor & Maidenhead would receive. The data on mental health and alcohol was short-term and it was noted that as a Borough there was an issue with the elderly who were drinking.

    Angela Snowling commented that data on mental health and alcohol issues would be available in September.

    Table 2 commented on a nutrition and deprivation link to mental health and noted aspirations to improve mental health. Targeting life expectancy, social responsibility and volunteering should be a priority, in particular getting the community involved.

    Table 3 commented they had recognised similar issues to Table 2 but with a focus on sub-groups. It could be useful for a transfer of knowledge into the community to raise awareness and encourage self-sufficiency within those communities. It was noted that information was available but this wasn’t universally known. The issue of childhood obesity was raised and the idea of finding a sporting ambassador to be a role model was raised. The BCA commented that due to the economic downturn, people were not holidaying away from home this year and that they had seen a definite increase in the numbers attending their summer courses.

    Table 4 commented on the promotion of the importance of healthy eating and drinking water in schools, particularly those schools within deprived areas. The question of whether the Borough had a recovery plan was raised, and the Board was informed that it didn’t, but that this would be looked into and that maybe the Ambition Groups should give it some consideration.

    In summary, Angela Snowling commented that there were some useful points raised, and also commented that she hoped Board members would visit the NHS Yorks and Humberside Council websites as mentioned in the presentation.

    Sustainable Communities Act - Update

    Councillor Mrs Bateson reports on the Sustainable Communities Act and commented that two proposals were to be submitted, the first of which was a proposal to transfer local business support to the Royal Borough and the second was to transfer the Fire Service provision to be run by the Royal Borough. A Panel of Representatives meeting was convened on 15 July when all concerned agencies were consulted and had an opportunity to respond.

    The Cross Party Panel then met where both proposals were ratified. The Business Support proposal was now completed and due to be submitted. The Fire Service proposal had three amendments, and once this was completed, delegated authority was given to the Head of Policy & Performance and Councillors Mrs Bateson and Burbage to approve this proposal and submit it without a further Cross Party Panel convening.

    Any Other Business

    Andrew Elkington reported that the IDEA Self Assessment workshop had taken place the previous week and that notes arising from the workshop would shortly be circulated.

    Amanda Walters reported that Grow Your Own were seeking partners who could offer jobs to enable people to get back into work.

    Summary and Close

    Ian Trenholm thanked everyone for their detailed reports and was pleased that Partners were working together to co-ordinate the way forward.

    Next meeting

    The next meeting of the Community Partnership Board is to be confirmed.