Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall, Maidenhead

Contact: Nabihah Hassan-Farooq  01628796345

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Karen Butler(Vice Chairman) welcomed Members to the Agreed Syllabus Conference.


Apologies For Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Reverend Rosie Webb and Michael Gammage (Chair).


Minutes Of Meeting on 6th March 2018 pdf icon PDF 66 KB


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the minutes of the meeting held on the 6th March 2018 were agreed.


Final Syllabus Review pdf icon PDF 10 MB


Councillor Airey stated that there had been multiple discussions at various ASC meetings held regarding the use of ‘humanism’ throughout the syllabus and that teachers should have been able to inform the decision of what subject to study as an elective. Members stated that they did not like the increased references to humanism throughout the document, as it should be more open and not restrictive for teachers.  It was discussed that ‘religious’ and ‘non- religious world views’, should be clarified and explained within the guidance notes of the agreed syllabus. Members were reminded that the forward deadline was the 15th June. Anne Andrews, religious adviser informed the forum that the feedback from other Berkshire SACRE groups was that humanism was the most preferred “non-religious” worldview was humanism and that this feedback had come from Jan Lever. Councillor Airey stated that she felt the syllabus had moved further away from what RBWM SACRE had wanted to achieve by referencing humanism as the only other world view.


ACTION- Anne Andrews to feedback discussion of the SACRE surrounding the use of “humanism” throughout the syllabus document to Jan Lever.


It was also discussed that training sessions for Members had been flagged and dates of training would be circulated to Members when arranged. Members discussed the graphic on the front of the syllabus and were informed that the template could be changed along with a different front page cover. Each SACRE would have their individual format which they would could amend or alter. Members discussed the RBWM foreword and it was confirmed that in the Chair’s absence that the Head of Children Services, Kevin McDaniel would complete this.





Launch Event


Anne Andrews outlined the item. Members were reminded that the launch of the syllabus event would take place on the 9th July at Moor Hall, Cookham (10am). Members were informed that a draft programme of the day had been prepared by both Anne Andrews and Clive Haines, Schools Leadership Manager. It was intended that the workshops would be held specifically in key stage groups.


ACTION-That Deborah Firth would support KS1 groups workshops and Barbara Meaney to support KS2 workshops at the launch event.


Members were also told that there would be a question time panel followed by a question and answer session on the event day. Members queried whether invites had been sent out as they had not received an invitation. Members also discussed whether there should be a board displaying members of the SACRE group along with descriptions of who they are.


ACTION- That dates of the event be sent to all schools as soon as possible along with any communications such as flyers.


ACTION- Ila Gangotra to speak with Mr Karnail Pannu, re- the exhibition of faith groups ( WAMCF board) and send invite through the WAMCF network groups.







Any Other Business