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Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Gilmore and Cllr Sharp. Councillor Dudley and Cllr Hollingsworth were present as substitutes.


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To receive Declarations of Interests from Members of the Forum in respect of any item to be considered at the meeting.




Minutes pdf icon PDF 86 KB

To confirm the Part I minutes of the meeting of the Forum held on the 3rd October 2017.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting of the Forum held on the 3rd October 2017 be approved.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and informed them that it was being recorded.


Maidenhead Regeneration- Public Parking Provision pdf icon PDF 4 MB

To receive a presentation by Barbara Richardson, M.D. RBWM Property Co. Ltd.


The Chair gave a speech on parking provision and the benefits of the regeneration occurring in Maidenhead. Barbara Richardson, Managing Director of RBWM Property Ltd gave a presentation on the Maidenhead regeneration and public parking provision.


Barbara Richardson gave a presentation on the Maidenhead Regeneration- Public Parking Provision. It was outlined that there were 3411 car parking spaces currently available in Maidenhead. In line with the proposed increased of car parking there would also be infrastructure requirements and regeneration outputs which included the delivery of 4000 homes, new community facilities, education, health and leisure. Councillor Dudley queried whether the current parking provision had taken the reduction of car spaces available at Hines Meadow into account and it was confirmed that these spaces had been deducted by the total figure. Members were informed of the current car parking spaces provision as follows:


·         Broadway/Nicholson- 734 spaces

·         Station Approach- 79 spaces

·         Hines Meadow- 1328 spaces

·         Magnet/ St Clouds Way- 248 spaces

·         Stafferton Way- 570 spaces

·         Braywick- 200 spaces

·         Town Hall- 111 spaces

·         Grove Road- 82 spaces

·         West Street- 59 spaces


Members were informed that temporary surface car parking would be provided at the Ten Pin Bowling Site- St Clouds Way (105), Clyde House Warehouse- Reform Road (70) and at the Landing Site (80). It was also outlined that there would be new permanent public car parking provision at Vicus Way- 1 & 2 Stafferton Way ( Nene site) (503) and Broadway- Town Centre (1354). It was highlighted that there would be private sector proposals which would be considered and would not be included in the total number of temporary (total- 255 spaces) and total new permanent spaces (total new permanent spaces -1857). It was noted that parking for private residential new build development would also sit outside of these numbers. Members were show the Landing site location, ten pin bowling site location and Clyde House warehouse site location maps. It was outlined that planning submission for temporary provision ( excluding the Landing site) would be submitted in July 2018, the planning decision would be considered in September 2018 and further to this works would begin on site in October 2018 with the ambition for practical completion in February 2019.


Councillor Dudley queried whether the parking had a specific purpose and was located to the peripheral areas of the town centre. It was confirmed that the parking would be aimed at season ticket holders for parking and those who commuted to the town for employment. It was discussed that the loss of 155 spaces at Hines Meadow which were central to the town and that the parking offer for shoppers had been taken into consideration. It confirmed that there had been discussions and it had been agreed in principle with Shanly homes regarding parking at the ten pin bowling site which would commence within the next two years and the site would be available from March 2019. It was noted that there would be 200 car parking spaces to be made available. Councillor Hollingsworth queried  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Maidenhead & Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan - Steering Group update

To receive an update.


Richard Davenport of Cox Green Steering Group updated the Forum on the above titled item. It was outlined that the Maidenhead & Cox Green Neighbourhood Plan was in the development and design phase and that there had been compliance works with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and emerging Borough Local Plan (BLP). Impacts to the Neighbourhood Plan and a consultation with the public were the next pieces of work to be carried out. It was highlighted that the development and design incorporated:


·         Streetscape and settings

·         Building heights

·         Space and private amenities

·         Parking

·         Affordable housing

·         Housing market mix

·         On road parking provision

·         Market, environment and sustainability

·         Addressing of cycling and walking routes

·         Local green spaces

·         Green corridors

·         Views

·         Community and health facilities

·         St Mark’s hospital

·         Heritage and existing conservation areas

·         Site specific policies

·         Maidenhead Water Way Corridors


It was highlighted that there would be further public consultations and that AECOM consultants would be looking at the plan in more detail. It was noted that there would be further inspection of the BLP and a referendum would be held next year. At the conclusion of the update, Councillor Hollingsworth queried whether an impact assessment had been carried out. It was confirmed that the impact assessments had been carried out on particular pieces of work, such as increase to car parking provision and the introduction of cross rail. As a result of the assessment it was found that the plan had only addresses growth of demand and not existing parking problems under the BLP inspection and that some issues did not allow legal challenge such as double parking. Councillor Sharma noted that the bus services were vital and that these services helped to tackle isolation and that consideration should be given to this matter under the intended Neighbourhood Plan. It was confirmed that if a Neighbourhood Plan was adopted that Community Infrastructure Levy ( CIL) monies could be used locally to decide where and how money is spent and that bus services could fall under this.


Councillor D Wilson highlighted that the Neighbourhood Plan could focus attention on the style and features of the area and reminded members that the BLP and Transportation Plan would include all modular transport along with the Cycling Strategy. Members were informed that the BLP was progressing and was going to phase II in 2019. The Neighbourhood Plan would focus on individual sites in order to deliver a communal benefit. CIL money could be reused for ongoing community development. Members were informed that the Neighbourhood Plan would need to be adopted before any investment of CIL money and that it should be a popular plan, flexible and not confined within BLP queries. Councillor Dudley reminded the Forum that the Bray Neighbourhood Plan had not been adopted and that this had been a atrophy of funds and resources as the plan had not been modified and did not continue to a referendum. Councillor D Wilson stated that Bray had not accepted the independent planning officer’s recommendations and that the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.


Question and Answer Session

To receive questions from the Forum.


A Member of the public queried whether Pinkeys Green would be included in the Neighbourhood Plan and what the time scales for adoption would be. It was confirmed that the Maidenhead and Cox Green plan was up for adoption in 2019 and would be in line with the BLP timescales and that the plan would include Pinkneys Green as well. Councillor Love clarified that Cox Green and Maidenhead would not be able to out rule each other in decisions that affected their individual areas. Members of the Forum were told that there would be a consultation held specifically in Cox Green with residents ahead of the new year.



Item Suggestions for Future Forums

The Forum is invited to make suggestions for future meetings.


The Chairman informed everyone that where ideas where suggested that these items could be put forward and discussed as decided as to whether they were believed to be feasible.


It was requested that item suggestions be emailed to


Date of Future Meetings

All future meetings to be held on the following dates (at 6.30pm):


Next meeting date (tbc)


To be confirmed and circulated to all forum members.