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Welcome and Introductions

To receive introductions from all attending members of the forum.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for attendees to introduce themselves.


Declaration of Interests pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To receive any declarations of interest.




Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Lion.


Minutes of the meeting held on 9th April 2018 pdf icon PDF 84 KB

To note and agree the part I minutes of the meeting held on the 9th April 2018.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the minutes of the minute be approved subject to the following amendment:


·         That the use of the term “public bike scheme” be amended to  “electric bike scheme.”


Cycling Action Plan

To receive an update on the above titled item from Gordon Oliver; Principal Transport Planner (RBWM).


Gordon Oliver outlined the item. The Panel were informed that the cycling task and finish group had reviewed the 2017 draft of the Cycling Action Plan and that this had been referred to the Highways and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Panel for approval. It was highlighted that there had been very few amendments made and that this report would be heard at the scheduled September Cabinet meeting.


Members were informed that the plan had been published in May along with the minutes of the meeting.


ACTION- That Gordon Oliver circulate the link to the Cycling Action Plan to all Members.




Close Pass Initiative Update

To receive an update on the above titled item by Gordon Oliver, Principal Transport Planner.


Gordon Oliver outlined the item and explained that the close pass initiative had been developed by West Midlands Police. The initiative was carried out on pre-determined routes and aimed to target vehicle users when passing too closing to cyclists. It was outlined that there was an education team who offered a brief education session or a prosecution to offenders. There had been a 20% reduction in cyclist casualties as a result of the scheme and other authorities had adopted the initiative or were rolling them out in the near future.


It was noted that there had been conversations with Thames Valley Police (TVP) and that information on awareness had been disseminated. It was highlighted that there had been no mention regarding funding for a local initiative but that training and close pass mats were already owned by TVP. TVP had stated that had there been an issue with motorists that TVP would prosecute based on video evidence. The Forum were informed that there had been a close pass initiative run by Hampshire Police and TVP. Numbers of reported incidents had been lower than ten and it was stated that the focus was around promotion of safety awareness as opposed to enforcement action for TVP. Members of the Forum were told that video evidence could be submitted via the TVP website. Members were also reminded that there was a 14 day limit to submit evidence after an incident had occurred.


RBWM had offered to provide assistance and support from the Community Wardens to offer education. Training could have been provided by RBWM partner, Agilysis or Berkshire Fire and Rescue service. It was felt that an initiative could be advanced without Thames Valley Police and could be designed to support TVP or as a standalone initiative which could include; media, publications and variable message signs across the borough.


ACTION- That David Gordon circulate the link to the TVP website for submitting evidence.


Members discussed whether there had been an outlined proposal for a scheme and that there was some work remaining on the time scales of delivery for the project. It was also discussed whether the national Transport Authority could be contacted regarding the wording of the signage around the borough could be changed. Members agreed that positive messaging was needed and that signs around Windsor could be implemented to state a safe distance of 1.5m. it was also agreed that the message would be distributed through the Cycle Hub and that there should be a regular slot in the ‘ in and around the Royal Borough’ newsletters. Members were reminded that the signage around the borough, “think bike” was a national government set scheme and that this could not be changed.


Wayfinding Improvements

To receive a presentation on the above titled item from Gordon Oliver; Principal Transport Planner.


Gordon Oliver presented the item and outlined the key priorities and wayfinding schemes as set out in the draft Cycling Action Plan.


Priorities included:


·         An agreed system of wayfinding

·         Considered branding of key routes

·         Reviewed and updates cycled route map

·         Reviewed and improved accuracy of ongoing cycle journey planners.


Wayfinding schemes were outlined as followed;


·         Bisham and Cookham- improved direction signage on existing routes

·         Bray- improved direction signange on existing cycle routes

·         Eton and Eton Wick- improved direction signage on B3022 Slough Road.

·         Hurley and Walthams- Improved direction signage on NCN4

·         Windsor- signed quiet route between Allma Road and town centre.


It was highlighted that there was £14,000 available in 2018/19 for these changes to be implemented. A brief overview of the wayfinding tools were outlines which included, route branding, monoliths/information boards and online journey planners. It was highlighted that a clear signing strategy was needed. The presentation also outlined strengths and weaknesses of current cycle network maps. Members of the forum were also shown cycle maps from Bath and Bristol to highlight different topographical maps. The presentation also included details of online journey planners and examples such as Cycle Streets, Google maps and Better by Bike.


Next steps included:


·         Setting up a working group

·         Review best practice

·         Auditing routes

·         Designing and delivering of schemes

·         Online mapping- audit networks and edit mapping/highlighting changes

·         RBWM Map- Revewing the map; reviewing best practice; commissioning cartographers and printing and distributing maps.


ACTION- That Gordon Oliver distributes the presentation to Members of the Cycle Forum.


Members discussed the outsourcing of some items to residents and Members were keen to start a new working group. Members discussed different types of maps such as London Cycle Maps which were presented like the London Underground tube map. Members also stated that they did not think that a standard map would not be useful and that a review of the map was needed. It was also highlighted that key routes would need to be identified and there had been some work on this through this Cycling Action Plan. The Chair stated that he had been aware of some routes that were not user friendly into the town from Windsor and that some routes may need  to be altered in Windsor to mitigate this issue in the future.




Members discussed whether a recently seen cycling group from Bray had been  issued a licence and it was confirmed that they had been. Parish Councillors  had been notified and it was noted that they should informed about events like this in the future. It was noted that race organisers should inform all relevant parties.


**Susy Shearer drew to the meeting's attention a petition started by Ria Brisland entitled "Make Roads Safer for Bikes"which is seeking revision of the vehicle theory test to include a mandatory section on how drivers and bikes can be more aware of each other. This had already received 75,000 signatories, with the ambition of reaching 100,000 and being presented to Chris Grayling, the Minister for Transport.


ACTION - That Susy Shearer will provide details of this petition for circulation and to be added to the Members' Bulletin.**  [ This minute text has been inserted with the agreement of the Forum Members following on from the Cycle Forum meeting held on the 12th November 2018.]



Members discussed a new hidden style track which was being built in Stoke Poges, Slough and discussed whether a track could be provided in the borough.


ACTION- Gordon Oliver to check eligibility for any funding and whether any local landowner could be consulted with for a hidden style cycle track.


ACTION- That Gordon Oliver circulates details of the emerging working group to all Forum Members.


Members also discussed the use of protected areas such as forests and woodlands and whether this could be utilised for cyclists, for. E.g, Windsor Great Park. It was highlighted that there had been difficulties in gaining proper use of the land for cyclists and that there was some further work to be done in the future.


Dates of the next meetings

The date of the next meetings are confirmed as follows:


·         1st October 2018 at 6.30pm- Guildhall, Windsor

·         14th January 2019 at 6.30pm- Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead

·         15th April 2019 at 6.30pm- Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead



The dates of the next meeting were noted as follows;


·         1st October 2018 at 6.30pm – Guildhall, Windsor

·         14th January 2019 at 6.30pm- Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead

·         15th April 2019 at 6.30pm- Guildhall, Windsor