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Welcome and Introductions

To receive introductions from all attending members of the Forum


The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and asked for all attendees to introduce themselves.


Apologies for absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Andrew Payne, Owen McQuaide, Harold Bodenhofer, Jay Tibbetts and Michael Gammage.


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To receive any declarations of interest.




Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd July 2018 pdf icon PDF 68 KB

 To note and agree the part I minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd July 2018.


The minutes of the last meeting were noted subject to approval with the following amendments:


·         Include names of all attendees

·         Include and re-publish with wording from Susy Shearer as agreed by the Cycle Forum

·         Change reference of officer name to “Gordon Oliver”.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the minutes were noted and agreed subject to the amendments above.


Cycling Action Plan

To receive a verbal update from Gordon Oliver, Principal Transport Planner (RBWM) on the above titled item.


The Chair outlined the item and informed the forum that the task and finish group had completed their work with the cycling strategy. It was highlighted that the cycling action plan would be added to the forward plan and would be considered at a future cabinet meeting, subject to scheduling arrangements. Gordon Oliver informed the forum that parts of the plan were already being delivered. Members of the forum queried why the plan had not been considered at Cabinet prior to this meeting as it had been finalised earlier this year. The Chair highlighted that he was lobbying the lead member for highways and transport to get this item  considered at Cabinet. Members of the forum wanted to place their disappointment in the delays of the plan being considered on record.


ACTION- That the scheduled cabinet date be circulated to all members when finalised.


Susy Shearer highlighted that the lead Member, Cllr Bicknell had been in attendance at the relevant overview and scrutiny panel when the item had been heard and that he had also been in attendance when the Infrastructure Delivery Plan had been considered.


ACTION- That Cllrs Wilson and Yong lobby the Lead Member for Highways and Transport.


Cllr Wilson explained that he was had been asked to seek approval from the Conservative Group to take the Cycling Action Plan to Cabinet. Cllr Yong informed the forum that political buy in was necessary in order to gain the appropriate funding for delivery of the plan and empathised with members and their frustration in the delay. Members were appreciative of the work carried out by Gordon Oliver and his team. Members felt that there was not enough enthusiasm for cycling and that some members had stopped attending the forum due to this. Councillor Yong stated that there would be an increased enthusiasm and attitude shift with the emerging issues with pollution and demand for alternative modes of transport. Members felt that more drastic action needed to be taken and that pressure should be placed on national Government to inform and deliver change to better equip local authorities with funding for cycling plans. Members were reminded that they were able to pose a question to full council about why the Cycling Action Plan had not been adopted and that they could contact democratic services for further information on this process.


The forum discussed that without formal adoption of the Cycling plan that RBWM would be unable to provide the vital infrastructure needed for cyclists and motorists. Members wished to highlight the need for cohesion between transport users and the road infrastructure needed and that there would be significant risk to the public without this, e.g. dangers to pedestrians without proper cycling routes. Members highlighted their concerns over pavement widths and pedestrian safety.


ACTION - That the Lead Member, Cllr Bicknell be invited to a future Cycle Forum meeting to hear the views of forum members directly.



Cycle Safety Campaigns

To receive a verbal report from Gordon Oliver, Principal Transport Planner (RBWM)  on the above titled item.


Gordon Oliver, Principal Transport Planner (Project Centre), updated the forum on the above titled item. Members were reminded of the close pass initiative and details of how it was carried out in public. Members were told that a RBWM have had a close pass mat produced and that this could be used for public events and for would help in delivering road cycling safety plans with Agilysis. It was highlighted that there were three Urban Limits events taking place in RBWM and it was intended that visits to major business parks would be scheduled in 2019. Members were told that the ambition was to increase knowledge of safe overtaking distances for motorists. The forum were told that Thames Valley Police had limited resources and that they would not be able to operate the close pass initiative in RBWM, but that high impact areas such as Hampshire and Portsmouth had existing operations in place.


Forum Members noted that this was a good scheme and that it would promote a positive difference to road users with better education. It was felt that there would be a greater importance placed on addressing the safety concerns of cyclists. Gordon advised that if forum members had any ideas for promotions that could use the mat, such as pop-ups in shopping centres, car parks and schools that they should contact him directly. It was highlighted that there were a small number of motorists who passed closely to cyclists with malice or intent, but that the majority was due to a lack of awareness of the implications of their actions. Members felt it would be beneficial for a pack of information to be provided along with the close pass mat. It was noted that information was already available and had been produced by Thames Valley Police, however, this information was being re-produced by the borough to be more visually engaging. A forum member highlighted a scheme from another borough, whereby motorists and cyclists “traded places” and that this provided positive and enforced messaging about safe overtaking spaces. A forum Member felt that it would be a good campaign, but that it would take police involvement to reinforce a stronger message.


Members felt that a multi-media approach was the best approach to encourage change and education for road users, including appropriate videos. It was highlighted that extra resources would be needed in addition to the close pass mat at events to increase engagement and retention of the knowledge on offer around safe overtaking distances. Members wished to see an item in the “Around the Royal Borough” newsletter which is sent to households three times a year.


ACTION - That the Chair communicate with the relevant officers to include an item in the March edition of “Around the Royal Borough” newsletter.


Members discussed changes to the driving theory test and that there were revisions within the Highway code which were being looked at currently. Members also discussed ways in which messaging and signage could be used, including variable message  ...  view the full minutes text for item 71.


Cycle Wayfinding pdf icon PDF 63 KB

To receive a report on the above titled item.

Additional documents:


Gordon Oliver, outlined the above titled item. It was highlighted that a small group had been set up to look at cycle wayfinding in the borough and to make recommendations on some sample cycle routes.  The forum were told that wayfinding signs had been amended to include minutes to destinations as opposed to miles which had proved more useful for cyclists. Some of the recommendations had been derived from London cycle design guidance. .


Members discussed how the distance in minutes had been calculated and the forum were informed that it was based on 12 miles per hour. It was highlighted that other improvements and enhancements would also be carried out along the route such as at the entry to the Goslar Way subway. Works at Trinity Place would create filtered permeability for cyclists and with added cycle markings on the carriageway would be provided at side-roads to highlight the presence of cyclists to motorists. Members were told that the Department of Typography and Graphic Design at the University of Reading were looking at ways in which cycle wayfinding could be improved in the borough and Gordon Oliver advised that he would be meeting with the involved students on Friday 16th November. Members were supportive of the project and wished to place on record thanks for the group members and Gordon Oliver for their work. Susy Shearer highlighted that there was an opportunity to link Dedworth Road and improvements would be looked at in a meaningful way.


Gordon Oliver informed the forum that key routes would be highlighted and that further funding would be applied for. Susy Shearer highlighted that Maidenhead and Windsor routes should be linked as opposed to being considered separately. A member of the forum stated that they were disappointed as there was no timeline for execution of this project and that it was vital to have an end goal. Gordon Oliver informed the member that this project was linked to the 10 year Cycling Action Plan and there were limited funds for 2019/20 and that this year would be dedicated to the route within Windsor, followed by routes in Maidenhead, Ascot and Sunnings. In order for development of routes to be undertake, further funding was needed and that developer contributions would help fund local infrastructure plans which would include cycling routes. Members felt that a deeper understanding of cyclists’ needs and wants was needed to ensure delivery of the project with successful outcomes before the investment phase.  Members were asked to forward all comments on the proposed Windsor scheme to Gordon Oliver before the end of the month.


ACTION - That Gordon Oliver be invited to the next LAF meeting.




Secure Bike Storage for Residential Streets pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive a report on the above titled item.


Gordon Oliver presented the above titled item. It was highlighted that there were two options being looked at for secure bike storage, these options included the Secure Cycle Store and the Bike Hangar. The storage for bikes would provide a lockable store in residential areas with terraced housing / older flatted development. These could secure up to 6 bikes per unit. The forum were told that the spaces could be rented at a cost of up to £72 per year with a key deposit of up to £25. It was outlined that the storage would be provided, operated and maintained by the supplier.  Members were told that loss of on-street parking would be taken into consideration in heavily congested areas. St Leonards Road, Windsor had been identified as a suitable site to be looked at for the bike storage service. Members were told that trial schemes could be tested as part of the capital programme and that independent requests for schemes could be looked at where there was evidenced demand and need.


The forum were informed that newer property developments across the borough had increased provision for cycle parking. It was proposed that £12,000 be sought for the scheme. There were concerns that loss of car parking spaces could cause widespread opposition to any proposals and asked how other local authorities made decisions about where stores should be located. Members of the cycle forum considered that any scheme should be funded separately from the cycling capital programme. It was felt that this would be good solution for the medium term, but that it was not a priority.


ACTION- That Gordon Oliver check what processes other local authorities use to identify locations and evaluate consultation responses and report back to the next meeting.





Walking and Cycling Strategies and Design Guidance- What's the Point?

To receive a presentation by Susy Shearer on the above titled item.


 Susy Shearer presented the above titled item. A summary document was handed out to all members of the forum. It was noted that updates from the Urban Design Group and that this presentation was based upon the importance of walking and cycling as mainstreamed priorities. Members of the forum were reminded that the Department for Transport had produced local cycling and walking implementation plan guidance. It was noted that Transport for London and many London boroughs were looking or had already set their cycling and walking priorities. Initiatives such as safer road spaces and road improvements had been carried out along with dedicated quiet routes. Susy outlined that Local Authority decision makers, planners and architects could work together to provide better design guidance and advice. It was stressed that not all Local authorities were statutorily bound to have a Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan, however it was good to have a holistic approach to the scope of design and future planning.


It was outlined that by creating network plans and prioritised zones for investment with analysis that this would help in identifying key improvements. At the conclusion of the verbal report, members discussed whether there was an opportunity to expand the cycle forum to other forms of activities, such as walking. Gordon Oliver highlighted that the Local Transportation Plan for the borough included all forms of transportation activities but that this had not been updated since 2012. The Chair informed the forum that various committee meetings, such as the Local Access Forum also looked at issues and priorities for walking and accessibility. Susy Shearer discussed concerns around air pollution and that quiet routes could be used as a good walking route. Councillor Beer highlighted pedestrian access in the towns was considered at Town Forums and that there had been issues with looking at cycling issues in the past. Members agreed that there was a need to look at ways to engage cyclists and walkers and ways in which they could encapsulate their opinions and views


Maidenhead Cycling Festival

To receive a presentation by Luke McCarthy on the above title item.


Luke McCarthy presented the above titled report. It was outlined that there had been some discussion within Maidenhead Cycle Hub about their strategic focus for the next few years. Members were told that currently cycling festivals had taken place locally in Watford and Wallingford and that the ambition was to host a cycling festival in Maidenhead. The intention behind the concept of having a festival was to increase engagement and uptake of cycling, community and leisure facilities. The event would be aimed at all levels of cycling expertise. Conversations had been had with Steph James and Lisa Hunter whether a combined event could be held within the town centre. It was outlined that an event in Kidwells or Braywick could be looked at and could target families and individual users. Members were told that there was potential to look at mobile BMX tracks and information stalls. It was highlighted that local businesses, rotary club, schools, community groups would need to help in promoting the event. Members were asked whether the event should be a standalone event or whether it should be combined with an existing event. Luke was keen to hear the views and feedback on the Cycling festival proposal.


As part of the discussions Members agreed that it would be better to have the festival as part of an existing event whereby there would be higher engagement with a broader audience and uptake from newer cycling enthusiasts. Councillor Beer highlighted that he had actively been a part of cycling events in Feltham and that it could be difficult gain suitable public engagement if only hosted in one part of the borough. It was noted that the festival could be called Windsor and Maidenhead Cycling Festival to incorporate both aresaof the borough. The forum were also told that exercise bikes would be used to start up the Christmas lights in Maidenhead on the 24th November 2018 and all were encouraged to take part or attend.



Future Meeting Dates

The date of the next meetings are confirmed as follows:


·         14th January 2019 at 6.30pm- Council Chamber, Town Hall, Maidenhead

·         15th April 2019 at 6.30pm – Chamber, Guildhall, Windsor


·         14th January 2019, at 6.30pm- Desborough 4, Town Hall, Maidenhead