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Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.




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To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the minutes of the meeting held on 2 April 2019 be approved.


Terms of Reference for the Flood Liaison Group pdf icon PDF 96 KB

To confirm and agree the Terms of Reference for the Flood Liaison Group.


The Chairman explained that the suggested changes to the Terms of Reference would bring them up to date. The suggested changes were agreed unanimously by the Forum and it was also agreed to have a Forum Representative from Horton Parish Council added to the Membership as well as the appropriate Emergency Planning Manager. Members of the Forum agreed that it was up to each Parish Council to nominate their representatives and that there should be one representative nominated per Parish Council.


Members noted that the Flood Liaison Group would continue to meet four times per year and that additional meetings could be called as and when required, for example during a flooding event. The Chairman also explained that if there were any items to be added to the agenda, they should be submitted to the Forum Clerk and the Chairman at least two weeks in advance of the meeting which would allow full responses to be prepared.




Meeting Arrangements and Venue

To discuss the arrangements for future meetings of the Flood Liaison Group.


The Chairman gave the option to Members of the Flood Liaison Group to meet at York House and alternate venues for the meetings between the Town Hall in Maidenhead and York House in Windsor. However, the Forum Members agreed to continue to hold the Flood Liaison Group meetings at Maidenhead.



RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Flood Liaison Group meetings would continue to be held at the Town Hall in Maidenhead.


Actions Arising from Previous Minutes

To confirm the actions from the previous meeting.


The Flood Risk Manager to let Ian Thompson know when the CCTV survey work was being carried out by Volker Highways


Simon Lavin, Flood Risk Manager stated Volker Highways had issued an order for the works but had still to confirm a start date for the works. The order was for the works to be completed as soon as possible, he added he would chase Volker Highways for an update on when the works were to be carried out.


v  Action – The Flood Risk Manager to request a start date for the works and then let Ian Thompson know.



Members requested an update on the Fowles Crushed Concrete site in Wraysbury, from an EA aspect. Brianne Valley confirmed she would bring an update to the next meeting.


Brianne Vally, Environment Agency (EA) had been in touch with the Hertfordshire and North London Team regarding this issue but, as enforcement action is ongoing, she was unable to discuss details. However, there were some community meetings taking place in August 2019 so she would be able to provide a much more detailed update at the next meeting. The Chairman stated that the community had been very active on this issue. Brianne Vally responded that the dates for the meetings had been set for the beginning of August 2019 but, she did not think they were public meetings. The Chairman asked if official people such as elected Parish Councillors and Ward Councillors could be involved as there was an expectation that Borough and Parish Council representatives would be involved.


The Joint Emergency Planning Manager to email Members an invitation to attend a teleconference of flood wardens


The Joint Emergency Planning Manager confirmed the teleconference was due to take place on 26 November 2019 at 6.30pm


Update from the Environment Agency

To receive the above verbal update to include an update on fowls from an EA aspect.


David Bedlington from the EA gave an update on the River Thames Scheme. He explained that developments on the RTS had been relatively quiet while funding for the scheme was sought. The basis of a funding solution was now being worked through and was being led by Surrey County Council. The government’s sponsorship group met on the week commencing 22 July 2019 and said they were satisfied and confident that the scheme should progress, so it was now progressing at speed. An outline business case had been submitted, and this would go to the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and then to the Treasury for approval. At this stage the scheme would need to demonstrate that full funding was in place. The Chairman commented that following a meeting between Councillor Simon Dudley, Tim Oliver (Leader, Surrey County Council) and himself, a paper would be presented to both Surrey and RBWM Cabinets. It is likely that this paper will go to the RBWM’s Cabinet on 26th September. The Flood Liaison Group would then be informed of the outcome.


David Bedlington explained that the next phase was to complete the technical work which needed to be ramped up again and then enter a phase of public engagement prior to submission of a planning application in Summer 2021.  He anticipated a couple of rounds of public consultation with the planning submission planned for two years from now. David Bedlington stated pre-planning application advice had been received and that helped to work through any potential issues and address impacts prior to submission. He then confirmed that the scheme was still going through internal EA approval, then it would go to DEFRA and then onto the Treasury for approval which allowed more scrutiny earlier in the process which the project would benefit from. David Bedlington confirmed the project was still in the approval stage and the funding was not quite finalised at this point in time.


David Bedlington indicated that he had some presentations which illustrate the likely timeline of progress of the project that he was able to circulate to the Forum. If everything went really smoothly construction could start as early as 2023, depending on any public enquiry and ministerial approval. The build period was estimated at four to five years and the EA were engaging with the market as it was a bespoke project and needed a bespoke procurement exercise. David Bedlington confirmed there would be no Development Consent Order for the scheme, and that consultation  in the form of public events would take place prior to submission of the formal planning application as the EA wanted real engagement on  the project. Councillor Beer commented that the public would want to see traffic management in place during construction. David Bedlington indicated that all three channels would be completed at the same time to keep construction as swift as possible.


Dick Scarf asked if there would be any liaison or negotiations with Heathrow due to the third runway.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 109.


Update from Thames Water

To receive the above verbal update including an update on enlarging the sewage capacity at Old Windsor.


Denise Kinsella, Thames Water, stated she had attended meetings regarding Ham Island Sewage Treatment Works with the Parish Council and another meeting was being scheduled as questions around capacity of the works have been raised. Thames Water felt that the site was compliant, is operating within its capacity and that there is sufficient capacity for future development. There were no plans to do any extra work to the site apart from general maintenance. Councillor Knowles stated there was a Neighbourhood Plan going through for Old Windsor and the capacity of the sewage treatment works was mentioned within it. A survey was carried out to form the Local Plan.  Effluent is currently directed into storage lagoons when capacity is reached; there was however talk of removing the lagoons and sewage would then go directly into the Thames when capacity was reached. Denise Kinsella responded that she would check, but some other sites followed the same procedure. Each treatment works operated differently during a flooding event, some will go to storm storage lagoons and some could go to a watercourse via a combined sewer overflow. Thames Water were providing details to Parish Councils on how Ham Island treatment works operates.


Denise Kinsella summarised the rest of her update stating Thames Water were continuing with their Bin It, Don’t Block It campaign and also with their programme of planned maintenance.



RBWM Update


Simon Lavin, Flood Risk Manager stated that the work on the Horton Drain Weir had been completed and that he understood that water was now flowing over the weir.


The Coningsby Lane Flood Risk Management scheme, previously delayed due to the presence of great crested newts, had now been substantially completed.


Feathers Lane land drainage enforcement issues were still ongoing and planning enforcement had served a notice requiring the removal all hardstanding. It is likely that a land drainage enforcement notice will be served requiring removal of the recently laid pipework and the restoration of the ditch to its previous condition.


Ian Thompson stated the pipe at Eton End Road at the junction of Slough was blocked due to rubbish and leaves but, it was clear at the other end so he did not think the water was flowing down there. When there was flooding in 2014, that made the flooding worse. The Chairman stated Volker would be looking at that and clearing it.


The Flood Risk Manager confirmed that he had written to the Council’s Park and Countryside Team setting out their responsibilities to maintain the watercourses crossing the common and the consents they will need prior to undertaking any works in the vicinity of the watercourses or raised flood defence bunds.



Parish Update


Cookham Causeway– Carol Long, the Flood Coordinator for the Parish, will be giving training to volunteers when the causeway is brought into operation during a flood event and is having conversations with Volker Highways as traffic lights will need to be erected. The training has been offered but no date has been set.


Horton – Councillor Larcombe had been invited to Bells Lane as the ditch to the west of the lane  was impassable due to overgrowth; he had asked the Parish Council to find out who owns the land to get the overgrowth cut back. The Chairman stated if there needed to be a conversation about it, to approach him as the Lead Member as he was happy to discuss proposals.