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To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from David Burfitt, Councillor Stimson and Mohammed Mamun, who was substituted by Sue Fox. Duncan Parker sent his apologies offline.


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To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting.


Councillor Brar said for her attendance to be amended for meetings 23 January 2020 and 12 August 2020.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the minutes of the meeting held on 12 August 2020 be approved.




To confirm the actions from the previous minutes.


Action arising from previous minutes


Clerk to share details with Denise Kinsella.

Completed. Email correspondence was sent to Simon Lavin in January 2020 by Denise Kinsella.


The Chairman said Mohammed Mamun was now the Project Centre contact, as Simon Lavin had left the role. Councillor Baldwin requested for contact details to the Project Centre and was informed to contact Sue Fox or the highways inbox at

Brianne Vally to share PDF maps with Parish Councils and the Borough.

Completed. Brianne Vally shared the defended outline that was completed in January 2020. This was shared with several parish councils and Emergency Planning team, though not covering all the borough. The Chairman requested this to be forwarded to Sue Fox, to be shared with the Project Centre and himself.


Brianne Vally was aware of the data requests from Datchet Parish Council from September 2020, which were yet to be actioned.


ACTION: Brianne Vally to share the PDF maps with Sue Fox and the Chairman.

Brianne Vally to update the Group on the telemetry gauges.

Completed. Brianne Vally said the request was regarding the Cookham telemetry gauge that had failed, which were repaired and were operating. There was a follow-up request to take gauges offline in the event of a flood, however this was not possible. She encouraged representatives from the parish council to take part in the Environmental Agency (the EA)’s research to improve the flood information service.

Clerk to share information with Mohammed Mamun to review the information.


Completed. Mohammed Mamun reviewed the information offline.

Carolyn Richardson to check the progress on the Causeway Plan.

Completed. Carolyn Richardson said the Causeway Plan was shared with parish councils in January 2020. Due COVID-19, the adverse weather plan, including the flood plans, was being reviewed.

Brianne Vally to share the hydraulic modelling results with Mohammed Mamun, Sue Fox and Datchet Parish Council.

Brianne Vally said the final report for the hydraulic modelling was yet to be received. The report was on the hypothetical blockage of the underpass near Datchet golf course and the flood risk impact on the area. This would form a wider discussion to reduce flood risk in Wraysbury and Datchet.


ACTION: Brianne Vally to share the hydraulic modelling results with Mohammed Mamun, Sue Fox and Datchet Parish Council.

Brianne Vally to update on the development of the installation quality at Jubilee River and update at the next meeting.

Completed. This was addressed in the meeting, following Councillor Larcombe’s concerns in the previous meeting. He was in contact with Simon Lawrence from the hydraulic and telemetry team at the EA. The contractors did as they were asked, and it was agreed to revisit the installation to ensure greater security and prevent unwanted damage going forward. The work was due to begin in the next 6 weeks. Councillor Larcombe said he did not feel improvements were agreed.

Carolyn Richardson to report back to Cookham Parish Council regarding the depth boards.

Carolyn Richardson determined that the borough had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 137.



To receive the above verbal update.


Brianne Vally, Environment Agency, provided and update to the Forum. The Thames catchment received 234% of average rainfall for October 2020. Marsh Lane, Maidenhead, recorded the maximum weekly total of 47mm. River flows increased on all sites since last week (at the time of meeting) and were well above the monthly average for October. Resultantly, catchments were more responsive to rainfall. The Met office long-range forecast predicted settled conditions with outbreaks of rain. In the second half of November 2020, there were predictions for frequent showers effecting the east of the UK.


Material was circulated offline regarding the Flood Action Campaign to support the campaign from the 9 to 11 November 2020. The campaign was created to remind people of actions to take before, during and after a flood event and Brianne Vally requested Members to support the campaign. The Chairman asked how parish councils and the borough could support the campaign and the Group was informed that videos could be shared on social media, posters that could be shared with local communities, as well as adding the email signatures to show their support.


There had been an initial internal workshop in September 2020 to discuss alternatives to Channel Section 1 for Datchet, Wraysbury and Old Windsor. A report was produced, and the next step was to have further discussions with the Chairman for appropriate resourcing, agree the objectives and measures and the engagement plan. The Chairman said he was waiting for a response from Sarah Haleto schedule a virtually meeting with Chris Joyce, Head of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Economic Growth and Ben Smith, Head of Commissioning – Infrastructure.


ACTION: Brianne Vally to contact Sarah Hale to schedule a meeting with the Chairman, Chris Joyce and Ben Smith.


The Herts and North London team covered parts of the Wraysbury area was updating some of the lower Colne’s hydraulic modelling that would refine the EA’s understanding of flood risk. This would be shared with the Group once available.


Repair work was being undertaken on the Black Potts weir on the Jubilee River following a routine inspection that identified erosion downstream side of the weir. The intention was to return the flood relief channel to an operating condition by Christmas 2020, to coincide with the wetter period between January and March 2021. It was possible that additional works would be carried out in 2021.


James Liney, Asset Performance Team Leader, said an underwater survey took place in August 2020 which revealed scouring, causing erosion to the riverbed downstream of Black Potts weir. The issue was further complicated because of the viaducts and the railway above it. The underwater survey showed no damage to the weir and the bed of the weir, and the viaduct was unaffected at present. However, left unattended, erosion could work back up the weir and the viaduct. Emergency contractors were hired through the Environment management framework to set up the site compound in the coming weeks. The Jubilee River would continue to flow at 5 to 10  ...  view the full minutes text for item 138.



To receive the above verbal update.


Denise Kinsella informed the Group that in preparation for winter 2020, the planned maintenance programme in the Thames Valley area was taking place to ensure sewers that that historical issues were clear and free flowing. There were increased specialist teams that would deal with flow management in local areas. The team would ensure the tankers were working in the most productive way, as well as targeted planned maintenance in areas that were blockage hotspots.


Councillor Brar said the Lightlands Lane sewage pumping station site information was due to be circulated, and the Group was informed that pump run times and rainfall information were sent to Dick Scarff.


Malcom Beer asked if the sewage works in Ham Island, Old Windsor that took place at night during summer 2020 were extensions or maintenance. He said the work was disruptive, with noise, floodlights and headlights. Denise Kinsella said she would gather information and update after the meeting.


ACTION: Denise Kinsella to send an update to Malcolm Beer on Ham Islands sewage work, cc’ing the clerk.




To receive the above verbal update.


Sue Fox said RBWM was continuing to work with Carolyn Richardson, Joint Emergency Planning Manager, and the Emergency Planning Team on the Cookham plan and were undertaking general preparedness with contractors for winter 2020.


Councillor Larcombe said the Wraysbury drain was stagnant, with some stationary water. He said there was no water flowing throughout the year and it needed work near Feathers Lane. Fly tipping had been cleared; however, construction waste was blocking the drain. He asked when the drain would be cleared and if it was the responsibility of the lead local flood authority to ensure the water was free flowing. 


Sue Fox said it was the borough’s responsibility dating back to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and said the contractors were instructed to remove all waste from that section of the Wraysbury drain and would chase this. The land was unregistered; therefore, enforcement action could not be applied, and the Council took responsibility of clearing the drain.


Councillor Larcombe said the ditch upstream was filled with builders’ waste and fenced over and was inaccessible. He said the channel was culverted without permission, with steel fencing and a screen put over the channel, adjacent to Hythe End Road. Sue Fox proposed a site visit to identify the locations, which Councillor Larcombe agreed to, and Councillor Baldwin requested to take part.


ACTION: Sue Fox to update on the clearance of the Wraysbury drain and partake in a site visit with Councillors Larcombe and Baldwin.




To receive the above verbal update.


Martin Coker said he undertook a site visit of Lightlands Lane sewage pumping station with Thames Water in the presence of residents, with a report recently sent through. Due to COVID-19, the Cookham Flood Committee was considering expanding its remit to cover all emergencies within the parish and report to bronze command.


The Chairman thanked all officers, Members and attendees of the meeting.