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Venue: Maidenhead Synagogue, Grenfell Lodge, Ray Park Road SL6 8QX

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Introductions and Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked those in attendance to introduce themselves.


Apologies for absence were received from Josephine Crabb, Katie Gear, Michael Hogg, Zena Pike, Honor Ryan, Paul Samuels and Cllr Mrs Rayner.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To consider and approve the Minutes of the meeting held on December 8th 2016.


The minutes of the meeting held on December 8th 2016 were agreed as an accurate record.


Partner Updates

To receive updates on community issues from One Borough partners, including:


·         The Men’s Matters charity

·         Policing matters within the Royal Borough


Jane Drapkin informed members that she would now be attending One Borough meetings on behalf of the Family Friends group as its two representatives had both left.


Jane Corry informed members that Norden Farm would be hosting a Young Leadership Programme of events for people aged 14-18 over Easter. She explained it consisted of a series of workshops, and that young people attending could earn UCAS points for it. She also informed members that Norden Farm would be hosting a Family Arts Festival on April 14th.


Robyn Bunyan informed members that in the summer Norden Farm would be holding an exhibition of work from attendees of the venue’s Socially Isolated Programme, and that members of the One Borough group would be invited to attend.


Robin Roberts informed members that Save the Children were looking to recruit new volunteers, and would be holding an introductory evening at Sports Able on March 15th.


Jane Donnelly told members about the work of the Dash charity, explaining that it provides outreach services for victims of domestic abuse and accommodation for refugees. However she explained that there were concerns about the charity’s long-term sustainability and that it may not be possible to continue to provide all of its services due to a lack of funding. Jane Donnelly said that she wanted to raise awareness of the charity through the community.


Eileen Denny informed members that the WAM Get Involved website had been updated to include a social and wellbeing activities calendar, and that all the groups present at the meeting were welcome to include their own activities on it. It was agreed that the calendar would be circulated to all One Borough members. Eileen Denny said that the next WAM Networking Forum would be taking place the following week, and that it would have a focus on tackling loneliness and isolation. She said that WAM was looking to work with GPs within the Royal Borough, so that patients could be referred to their services. Eileen Denny said that the next forum after that would be on May 17th and would have a focus on recruitment and retention of new volunteers. There would also be information on this available at stands in Windsor and Maidenhead town centres during Volunteers Week, which runs from June 1st-7th.


Action: The clerk to circulate details of the WAM Calendar to members


Tim Walker provided members with information about the Men’s Matters group. He explained that it had recently been set up for men over the age of 50 as a friendship group, and to develop activities in the community that could contribute to their health and wellbeing. He explained that the group was not a care organisation that provided services to those with special needs. Tim Walker said that Men’s Matters had recently received grant funding and it was hoped that it could apply to become a registered charity. He said that a regular Monday drop-in session was held in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.


Prevent Update

To receive an update on the Prevent programme.


Louise Warbrick said that a strategy meeting to discuss Prevent was to be held on Friday. The first meeting had had to be cancelled.


Debra Beasley informed members that a meeting had taken place with the police in relation to the perceived rise in right wing extremism amongst the Polish community living in Slough, and that this was being closely monitored. She said this type of behaviour was covered under the Prevent agenda.


Louise Warbrick said that there had not been a rise in incidents of hate crime within the Royal Borough. She said there had been a small increase in incidents where white people had been the victims of hate crime, and stated her belief this was predominantly Polish people who had been targeted in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union. She said the most recent data showed an increase in instances where disabled people had been targeted, although this was mainly in relation to parking disputes. She said that many victims of hate crime were repeat victims. She clarified that this meant someone would be a repeat victim if they were the target of hate crime on more than one occasion.


Louise Warbrick said that the most recent data available to her showed an increase in reporting of honour based abuse. She attributed this to officers having received more training in identifying it, and victims feeling more confident about reporting it. Louise Warbrick said there had been no reports of forced marriage or female genital mutilation – which had been the subject of police training to raise awareness of the issue – this year.


Harjit Hunjan explained that the Royal Borough had created a Prevent Action Plan, in accordance with government requirements. A Channel Panel had also been created, which concerns could be relayed to. Harjit Hunjan said he hoped that an update on Prevent’s activities could be provided by the Royal Borough’s responsible officer, Craig Miller, at the next meeting.


Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

To receive a verbal report on the Household Cavalry Regiment’s Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, and how they are encouraging local businesses to support it and other opportunities available in the Regular or Reserve Army.



Pete Ireland introduced the item and explained to members about the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. He explained that there were three tiers to the Scheme – gold, silver and bronze – and badges of the appropriate colour were awarded to businesses that went over and beyond the terms of the Armed Forces Covenant and/or the Corporate Covenant in relation to supporting the armed forces. However the Scheme was not binding in the same way as the Covenants.


It was explained that three businesses in Windsor had signed up to the Corporate Covenant. Eileen Denny explained that attempts had been made to ‘cherry pick’ businesses that were agreeing to the Covenants and giving them PR coverage in order to make them champions for the Covenants, because they had recognised transferrable working skills that soldiers had. Lee Preston informed members that Centrica had given employment to five former soldiers.


Members were told that the next One Borough would be hosted by the Household Cavalry, and that it was hoped that the Regiment’s Welfare Officer would be able to provide an update to members on work relating to supporting the lives of soldiers’ families.


Harjit Hunjan stated that the Royal Borough works with the Chamber of Commerce and asked if the Council could write directly to employers about the Scheme, perhaps in the form of a letter from the Leader. Pete Ireland agreed that this would be helpful.


WAMCF Interfaith Dialogue Programme

To receive a verbal update on the Interfaith Dialogue Programme.


Karnail Pannu informed members that five dialogue sessions had so far been carried out, with the most recent one on February 28th. The final one was scheduled to take place at Maidenhead Mosque on March 14th. Karnail Pannu said the programme had been very successful, and that it was hoped that in the future younger people and schools could become involved in the project.


Family Friends' Innovation project

To receive a verbal report on the Innovation project.


Jane Drapkin explained to members that Family Friends was a group that provided early help and support to families across the Royal Borough. Families that were helped included those where there were issues of domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health.


Jane Drapkin explained that the Innovation Project had been running for the past two years and was to be concluded at the end of the month. The project focused on providing early intervention support for army families living in Windsor and families from the Pakistani community living in Maidenhead. Funding for the project had been provided by the Department for Education and ring fenced specifically for the two community groups that were its focus. The Royal Borough had been working in partnership with Family Friends to provide social workers to give early help and support, particularly on a one-to-one basis, before statutory intervention was required.


Jane Drapkin stated that the project had helped Family Friends learn about how to deliver services, for example in providing support to children of non-Army families whose parents moved around a lot. She said the group would continue to deliver services provided by the Innovation project, but it would no longer be specifically targeted at certain social groups.


Armed Forces Covenant

To receive an update from Nicola Davidson on the Armed Forces Covenant.


Nicola Davidson explained to members that funding was available through the Armed Forces Covenant via the Local Grants scheme. She said there were no deadlines funding was available from two categories. She explained that the first, Community Integration, should create strong local links between the Armed Forces community and civilian communities; demonstrate how they will have an impact in overcoming barriers to better integration; and improve perceptions, attitudes and understanding. The project is not just the armed forces delivering something for the civilian community or vice-versa. Up to £20,000 was available.


Nicola Davidson explained that the second category, relating to Delivery of Local Services, should offer support around finance, housing, mental/physical health or employability for serving personnel, veterans, and their families. Up to £20,000 was available from this category as well.


Nicola Davidson added that funding of up to £10,000 was available to help groups or individuals host an event for Armed Forces Day. Ideas for activities include parades, picnics ‘knees-up’ at home, street parties and fetes. The deadline for application was April 2nd. Nicola Davidson explained that 50 per cent match funding needed to be secured by applicants.


Louise Warbrick informed members that a recent successful application for Armed Forces Covenant Funding had led to a Food Academy being created for youngsters at a school in Datchet. It was hoped that the Academy could be expanded to include other age groups, and that a contract could be agreed between Thames Valley Police, the Royal Borough and Broom Farm in order to sustain it longer term.


Members were asked if there were any other items of business that they wished to raise. Nighat Ellahi informed members that the Signal charity was holding a launch event for carers at Sports Able on March 24th. Nighat Ellahi said she had requested for a presentation on Signal’s work to be given at the next One Borough meeting.


Harjit Hunjan said that the Royal Borough had met with representatives from Eton College as they wanted to extend their volunteer scheme down to pupils to Year 11. There was a particular focus on wanting to help older people, and situations where IT skills could be used. However placements would be limited to Windsor and Slough.


Nicola Davidson said that funding for projects could be available from the Business Manager at Three and suggested that groups make contact.


Dates of Next Meetings

To note the schedule of meetings for the remainder of the year:


June 14th

September 13th

December 6th


The dates of the next three meetings were noted by members. It was confirmed that the next meeting would be hosted by the Household Cavalry, and that a host was still being sought for the December meeting.