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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and asked for each attendee to introduce themselves.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies of absence were received from Barbara Grossman, Chris Taylor, Signal4carers, Lin Ferguson and Norden Farm.


Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To receive any declarations of interest.




Minutes of the last meeting held on the 19th September 2018 pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To note and agree the minutes of the last meeting held.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th September were approved as a true and correct record.


Armed Forces Covenant Update

To receive an update on the above titled item.


Nicola Davidson, Director- Our Community Enterprise gave a verbal presentation on the above titled item. It was highlighted that over 3000 organisations had signed the Armed Forces Covenant and this included businesses and charities. The Forum were reminded that the One Borough Group had also signed the covenant, five year ago. The Armed Forces Covenant was a promise or pledge to help members of the armed forces community. This extended to members, family of armed forces, reservists and veterans who have the same access to government, commercial and wellbeing services as any other citizen. Examples of ways in which the covenant helped included, education and family wellbeing; having a home; starting a new career; access to healthcare; financial assistance and access to discounted services. Employers were able to choose specific promises or pledges such as promoting ‘armed forces friendly’ organisations; supporting the employment of veterans and service leavers; offering flexibility in leave for service spouses before, during and after deployment; offering discount to members of the armed forces community.


Members were told that the Armed Covenant Fund Trust provided grants for projects which would be supported under four broad funding themes:

·         Removing barriers to family life

·         Extra support after service for those that need help

·         Measures to integrate military and civilian communities

·         Allow the armed forces community to participate as citizens


It was highlighted that grants of up to £20,000 were available for projects that supported community integration and projects that provided local delivery of services. Members of the Forum were informed that most of the Household Cavalry were relocating to Salisbury next Summer and that the Welsh Guards families would be living in the Royal Borough. It was highlighted that Charity Family Friends were initiating a Trust funded project to support transition out and moving in. Members were asked to consider whether their organisation had a duty or interest in helping the Welsh Guards and their families to help them settle in or help prior to arrival. Forum Members were asked to consider whether they could adopt the covenant within their organisation, how they could participate in a project which would appeal to the fund and to share the information across networks.


Presentation on Fundraising

To receive a presentation by Nicola Davidson, on the above titled item.


Jeff Pick, Thames Valley Police highlighted that the Food Academy event that had been held at the Windsor Race-course was held with much success. Svetlana Zaychenko had arranged for ballet dancers to perform and this was a great addition to the evening. Members were reminded that the Food Academy was open to 13-15 year olds and the forum were informed that referral forms were available. There had been great achievements and outcomes for the twelve participants and it was noted that the next banquet would take place on the 16th March 2019. It was highlighted that the venue had been given at no cost and that the race-course had been happy to host the event as they wished to become more involved in helping the community. Four volunteers had been involved in the management of the day and a note of thanks was placed on record for their contributions.


Nicola Davidson informed the Forum that training courses had been hosted with WAM Get Involved to help support those with fundraising issues. The course – “ Be prepared for fundraising”, and aimed to help support the fundraising application process from six months prior to submission. The Forum were informed that Mens Matters had recently applied and were successful for their bid with the support of the training and services. The training helped those evaluate their project and look at application of funds, multi stranded funding and gave helpful tips when applying. Councillor Samantha Rayner commended Nicola on the good work carried out in educating and supporting local organisations in their application for grants and bids. It was highlighted that Nicola would be presenting on fundraising as part of the calendar of events hosted by WAM Get Involved.   


Wellbeing Wagon

To receive a presentation from Madhuri Bedi & Shabana Farooq, Radian Housing on the above titled item.


Madhuri Bedi and Shabana Farooq ( Radian Housing) gave a presentation on the above titled item. It was noted that the Wellbeing Wagon was an initiative that renovated one of the Radian trades vans into a health centre on wheels. Health and Wellbeing was a corporate priority for Radian and that healthier residents would enjoy a better quality of life which would in turn enable them to integrate and participate fully in their community. Members were informed that health data highlighted that residents who suffered with poor health were more likely to also have childhood and adult obesity, higher than average levels of smoking, high levels of life limiting illness and higher than average levels of economic deprivation. It was noted that amongst some demographic groups (older people and single men) there was higher levels of social isolation which could lead to poor health in the future. The initiative aimed to bridge the gap between health, wellbeing and housing through partnership working. Radian had a key focus upon supporting local communities and to enable access to good quality health services, advice and signposting.


As part of the initiave, works with partners, stakeholders and community organisations had been carried out to offer free services such as blood pressure, diabetes and dental checks In addition, health checks for those aged over 40 had been offered, weekly advice and counselling for youth project centres, smoking cessation and weight loss clinics had been offered. The Wellbeing Wagon was being promoted across the Thames area to support Radian residents and the wider community. Involved partners included, Lloyds Pharmacy, NHS, Macmillan Cancer Awareness, Lions Club, Thames Valley Police, Windsor Lions and the YMCA. Radian wished to extend the offer to organisations in attendance at the One Borough Group meeting and wished to extend the opportunity to use the wagon in supporting joint outcomes. Members were reminded that there was no charge for the hire of the vehicle, but that fuel costs were 45p per mile to enable upkeep of the vehicle.


It was noted that for further information, Madhuri Bedi, Community Development should be contacted at


Driven Forward Update

To receive an update from Tiia Leoni, Driven Forward Charity on the above titled item.


Tiia Leoni gave an update on the above titled item. It was noted that there had been a successful event with ten elderly ladies were taken to Longacre garden. It was outlined that outings were scheduled fortnightly and that there had been a growing demand for outings. Members were told that the initiative aimed to tackle isolation and loneliness and promoted use to vulnerable resident groups. Two vans had been acquired in March and the charity was currently working with 17 churches. In March, the charity supported  the homeless in Windsor by providing hot meals and sourced ingredients from local allotments. There was a referrals process in place for those wishing to take advantage of the trips and for use of the van. Members were informed that an advert had been shared across the Windsor and Maidenhead networks. More volunteers were needed and were encouraged to get in touch with Tiia Leoni for more details.


World Wide Cancer Research- Windsor & Maidenhed Smash Cancer

To receive a verbal presentation by Wendy Pawsey on the above titled item.


Wendy Pawsey, Regional Fundraising Manager of World Wide Cancer Smash gave a verbal presentation on the above titled item. It was highlighted that the charity had been running for forty years and was world renowned for its scientific achievements. World-Wide Cancer Research specifically raised money to fund research into cancer internationally. It was highlighted that over £200m had been invested in over 34 countries. Members of the Forum were told that the prevalence of cancer had increased dramatically and that there was now a 1 in 2 chance of being affected by cancer. The Forum were told that every four seconds, a member of the global community dies from cancer. Councillor S Rayner had contacted Windsor and Maidenhead Smash cancer and were told that there was a year long project being funded within the borough and that there was work being carried out with different community groups.  As part of the year long project, the borough had set a realistic and aspiration target which aimed to raise the profile of funding for cancer research in the area.


Members were informed that as part of the project, that organisation of “worldwide week” was being carried out and that as part of the event, that a screen facility would be provided. This would be available at local gyms, schools and businesses. The event would have a global theme and had worked in other localities with great success. The event aimed to increase awareness and to bring the community together. It was highlighted that Worldwide Cancer Research was also working in partnership with the East Berks CCG to increase awareness.


First Aid Mental Health Training

To receive a presentation on the above titled item.


This item was deferred to the next meeting.


Community and Membership Update

To receive updates from forum members.


Jeff Pick, Thames Valley Police updated the Forum and advised that there had been an increase in burglaries and that there was a mobile van in the community with information, advice and visual messaging regarding how to stay safe.


Parwati Mistry informed the Forum that the adult learning brochure would be published at the end of December, and would send out to all OBG members.


Windsor and Maidenhead Get Involved would be providing training on the 16th January- Trustee Training Course. It was also noted that two surveys had been circulated to gain insight into the annual state of the sector. It was noted that these would be circulated to the wider forum via the clerk.


Ila Gangotra updated the Forum with details of the Interfaith Diversity Dinner and that it had been a very successful networking opportunity and had provided a great platform for future good work.


Paul Samuels, Mens Matters highlighted that there was an upcoming event which had been co-ordinated by 20 partners to host an event in Langley, where Sir Michael Parkinson would attend.





Date of the future meetings

·         Date of the next meeting is to be confirmed.


Dates of the future meetings were noted as follows:


·         13th March 2019

·         12th June 2019

·         11th September 2019

·         11th December 2019