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Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Nicola Davidson, David Scott, Sue Evans, John Diack, Karnail Pannu, Danielle Lane, Philip Reynolds, Caroline Farrar, Belinda Dixon, Tim Hiorns and Jane Corry.


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To receive any declarations of interest.


There were no declarations of interest received.


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To consider the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June 2021.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd June 2021 were approved a true record.


Councillor Price asked if past meetings of One Borough, which had been live streamed on YouTube, had been removed from the RBWM YouTube channel.


Mark Beeley, Democratic Services Officer, said that they were still available but they would be removed after the meeting.


ACTION – Mark Beeley to remove previous recordings of One Borough on the RBWM YouTube channel.


Councillor Price asked if the RBWM Together link could be sent out to the One Borough group.


ACTION – Mark Beeley to send out the RBWM Together link after the meeting.


Embedding Community Response Project Update

To hear from Jesal Dhokia.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the order of agenda items be changed, so that the Embedding Community Response Project Update was the first item to be considered.


Jesal Dhokia, Transformation Project Manager, gave an update on the project. In Clewer and Dedworth, the various project groups had been meeting. The physical environment group had been looking at the adoption of green space, with a plating project up and running which had also received external sponsorship. Around 19 fruit trees had now been planted as part of the orchard. The food network group were helping children to cook and eat healthy meals, in partnership with the West Windsor Hub. The next meetings of each sub group were updated on the RBWM Together website so that if anyone was interested they could get involved. The young people group was working in partnership with the youth engagement service and a few workshops had been held with green earth.


Councillor Stimson said that the project was fantastic and congratulated Jesal Dhokia on the progress on the project so far.


Jesal Dhokia said that the Maidenhead project was progressing well, with five sub groups currently meeting. The Windsor model had been copied, with each group chaired by someone who was independent. In the health and wellbeing sub group, the health lead had been brought in and the group was investigating health inequalities. The physical environment sub group had recently held a sustainable project, which was great in bringing people together from the local community. There was a joint partnership with Maidenhead Cycle Hub planned on electric bikes. Other sub groups included the employment and skills sub group working with the library and the Department for Work and Pensions was setting up a job club for younger people. The group would be looking to advertise adult learning summer courses and Jesal Dhokia asked any organisations which ran programmes to get in touch. There had been a community empowerment meeting at Maidenhead Library, which was working with People 2 Places and All Saints Church Maidenhead, to see how to get people involved with visiting heritage sites.


Councillor Bhangra joined the meeting.


Councillor Davey asked if the Windsor bike hub were involved with the project. He asked if all of the information on the various sub groups was available on the RBWM Together website.


Jesal Dhokia said that the Windsor bike hub had been mentioned at previous meetings. She would be looking to meet the bike hub with regards to sustainability.


Councillor Davey asked if he could be sent the link to the green space information on the website.


ACTION – Jesal Dhokia to send Councillor Davey link to the information on green space on RBWM Together.


Councillor Price said that Windsor Food Share was part of the food network and they had recently identified seven challenges on why some people could struggle with food over the coming months. The job club had started up and was working with local employers.


Councillor Stimson said that the Maidenhead Chamber  ...  view the full minutes text for item 211.



To hear from Jesal Dhokia and Caroline Farrar.


Sabahat Hassan, Head of Communications at Frimley CCG, explained that they were currently waiting for national communications material from the government on the vaccine. There was expected to be a press conference later that day which would discuss the potential booster campaign, while GPs had been contacting people to come forward for the flu jab. It was important that everyone was protected and Sabahat Hassan asked if members of the One Borough group could share this message.


Information had been updated for if anyone felt unwell and what they should do, a wellbeing leaflet had been produced which provided useful guidance and advice. Sunningdale Health Hub would be a new health centre which would bring two separate places into a single site. The Frimley CCG AGM was also coming up and would be taking place on 21st September 2021 at 1.30pm.


Valerie Pike noted that there had been two consultations on the new health hub in Sunningdale and asked what the supporters list did to add to the project.


Sabahat Hassan said that the plan had been revaluated and the supporters list could then be easily updated with the changes that had been made.


Valerie Pike asked how this would impact on the planning process. She was informed that the supporters list helped to show the support of residents for the application.



To discuss how community groups are informed of and respond to RBWM consultations.


Councillor Price explained that she had asked for this item to be added to the agenda because she was aware that a number of community groups had not received any notification of consultations which had been taking place. She suggested that consultations could be sent to the clerk, who could then distribute this to the One Borough group.


Councillor Davey said that he agreed with Councillor Price, the council had to respond to feedback given in consultations and therefore it was important that community groups got involved to ensure that their views were heard.


Elaine Keating, Youth Engagement Officer, felt that the process had been improved and that consultations were more widely available and advertised. The new RBWM Youth Council would be looking at the forward plan of Full Council and discussing any items of interest.


Councillor Price asked if members would like to be notified of new consultations.


Anthony Lewis felt that an overview of the current consultations would be useful to have.


Jeff Pick said that consultations were usually listed in the borough’s newsletter.


Councillor Stimson said that officers were very busy and did not want to add to their workload or duplicate work.


Councillor Price explained that the idea was just to inform people, but if most members subscribed to the newsletter and received notification through that method then there was no need for a separate notification to be sent.


Councillor Davey said that people read the minimum when it came to email newsletters, so having it at the bottom of the newsletter meant that a lot of subscribers probably did not even read the section on consultations.


Jeff Pick mentioned that he had an email alert system and he was able to see how many people clicked on the various links. He said it was a very small number, compared to the number of subscribers who received the emails.


Councillor Price felt that members of the group were happy to subscribe to the borough’s newsletter to receive notification of consultations.


Elaine Keating suggested that it could be a future agenda item, if it was relevant.


Covid Update

To receive an update from Marc Connor.


Due to technical difficulties, Marc Connor was unable to present. The presentation was distributed to members of the group after the meeting.


Membership Updates

To receive updates from members of the group.


Jeff Pick said that the Police Property Act had been announced, with a £100,000 fund available for community groups. Details would be circulated to the group after the meeting. Nicola Davidson had confirmed that she would be happy to provide advice and support with funding opportunities.


Valerie Pike said that she had recently been involved in a community engagement event. There was awareness raised around scams, home security and the work of community wardens. A meeting would soon be organised for Clewer, Valerie Pike passed on her thanks to Angela Huisman for allowing the meeting to be held in the library.


Viviana Salmon said that the Co-Op was able to support various schemes, community hubs, community fridges and other projects.


Alison Bourne said that the Dash Charity had been successful with some grants which had been applied for. This had allowed the charity to recruit a new children’s and police worker. Alison Bourne said that the charity was still looking for accommodation for staff to use as an office and central hub.


Elaine Keating said that there was currently a consultation ongoing with the police on which areas were not felt to be safe and any concerns young people had. October was the month of action so this would be going out to community groups. The RBWM Youth Council was due to have its first meeting on Monday 20th September 2021. Elaine Keating encouraged members to use the Youth Council as the voice of young people in the borough.


An update was received on Busy Buttons, which specifically worked with young people and had had a busy summer. Over 7 weeks, a range of activities had been offered and staff were currently looking forward to the September programme. Positive progress had been made with children who had to come out of school for various reasons.


Councillor Davey explained that the Rotary Club were looking to do some fundraising for the Price Philip trust fund. The plan was to take it over the £500,000 mark by the time of the Queens Platinum Jubilee next year.


Dates of Future Meetings

The date of the next meeting is as follows (11am):

·       Tuesday 7th December 2021


The next meeting would take place on Tuesday 7th December 2021, starting at 11am.