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Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.






RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the order of business as detailed in the agenda be varied.





Councillor Baldwin nominated The Vice Chairman to be Chairman and was seconded by the Vice Chairman. A named vote was taken.


This motion fell. A second motion was put forward by Councillor Haseler, who nominated Councillor Luxton to be Chairman and was seconded by Councillor Bateson. A named vote was taken.


This motion was carried.


Recorded Vote
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Appointment of Councillor Davey as Chairman Motion Rejected
Appointment of Councillor Luxton as Chairman Motion Carried
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    Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 219 KB

    To receive any Declarations of Interest.


    Councillor Baldwin declared a financial interest, as he had a property on Shoppenhangers Road. He was attending the meeting with an open mind.



    Minutes pdf icon PDF 317 KB

    To confirm the Minutes of the previous meeting.


    RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2020 be approved as a true and correct record.




    RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the order of business as detailed in the agenda be varied.



    Active Travel Measures pdf icon PDF 316 KB

    In accordance with Section 100B (4) (b) of the Local Government Act 1972, the Chairman has agreed to the addition of a Part I urgent item, ‘Active Travel Measures’. The item is considered urgent as the consultation ends on 9 February 2021.


    Although the report had not been included on the Agenda at time of publication, the Chairman agreed to consider it as an urgent item, in accordance with Section 100B (4) (b) of the Local Government Act 1972 because the consultation was due to end on 9 February 2021.


    Kevin Chapman, public speaker, said the proposed schemes were not required and were not a good use of money as traffic cutting was not a major concern. He felt the consultation process was flawed and leaflets needed to be sent to ensure elderly residents who did not have access to the internet were engaged. He felt the proposals led to a loss of diversion routes for traffic, should a major incident occur on Dedworth Road or Maidenhead Road. The schemes were unpopular with residents and similar works in other authorities were being removed due to vandalism and maintenance costs.


    Susy Shearer, Secretary of Windsor and Maidenhead Cycling Action Group and former members of the RBWM Cycle Forum, said she hoped for officers to review discussions on ‘Nextdoor’ on the proposal. She addressed the constraints of the consultation due to COVID-19 that led to a restricted reach to residents.


    Councillor Baldwin said the proposals for this tranche of funding had a short consultation timeline and the proposal was radically different to what was discussed, including half the amount of the original bid of funding and change of approach. The proposals were based on the best way to spend the money, which seemed injurious to the movement of traffic. It was suggested to either change the consultation period or withdraw the proposals. He said the consultation only provided yes and no responses, which limited the respondent in explaining their views.


    Councillor Clark, Lead Member Transport and Infrastructure, said the proposed schemes were developed in accordance to the government’s guideline to a modal filter and propensity to cycle. The consultation was to decipher the appetite for the schemes.


    Councillor Haseler questioned how meaningful the consultation was, given residents not on social media were uninformed. He asked if Royal Mail could deliver consultation leaflets, with the costs covered by the government tranche.


    The Vice Chairman said councillors were not advised of changes to the scheme and asked why the information was only released recently. The expansion of the scheme to cover the rest of Clewer and Dedworth, where there were not severe traffic congestion concerns, was unfair.


    Chris Joyce, Head of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Economic Growth, said the Tranche 2 funding from the Department of Transport started in Summer 2020, which required local authorities to work at pace. Officers met with councillors to inform, gain feedback and help develop the schemes, and further information was provided in August 2020 to affected ward councillors. The purpose of the consultation was to gain feedback on the schemes and would only be taken forward if there was support for the scheme, with consideration to amendments at pace.


    Councillor Jones, Old Windsor, said a part  ...  view the full minutes text for item 84.


    Budget 2021/22 Report pdf icon PDF 275 KB

    To receive the above report.

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Hilton, Lead Member Finance and Ascot, introduced the item and invited the Panel to make comments on the proposed budget. The Panel was informed that they would only be considering areas that came under the Panels remit, and other O&S Panels were also being asked to comment on the budget prior to the report going to Cabinet and then Council to approve.


    The Vice Chairman asked how the estimated pressure on reduced car parking income of £2.07mn was estimated and what the impact of this reduction would have on the parking service. Councillor Cannon, Lead Member Public Protection and Parking, said the estimated projection was based on the usage of car parks and analysis of existing data from the support service. The budget was balanced in anticipation of not incurring £2.07mn.


    Simon Dale, interim Head of Highways, said the estimated pressure figure was determined between service leads and accountants by reviewing the impact of lockdown restrictions on each parking facility. The loss of parking control notice income and pay-and-display effected the income. If the loss of income would be replenished from within the budget, plans to maintain car parks and provide a good parking service would continue.


    Adele Taylor, Director of Resources, said the budget was balanced through ongoing funding and one-off funding due to the COVID-19 pressures. There was approximately £9mn worth of savings in the medium-term financial plan and £9mn of COVID-19 growth, funded through one-off sources for the financial year 2021/22. The budget showed the assumption of income expected to be given by central government through schemes such as the Sales Fees and Charges compensation scheme.


    Councillor Jones asked how temporary the loss of parking income through regeneration would be and the Panel was informed that car parks were being closed and rebuilt, which would lead to a predicted loss of £440,000 income for this financial year. Each financial year would be looked in isolation.


    Councillor Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Council, Resident and Leisure Services, HR, IT, Legal, Performance Management and Windsor, informed the Panel that reduced tourism was significantly impacted by COVID-19. It was projected that there would be a loss of £60,000 from the Tourist Information Centre by the loss of ticket sales, membership fees and advertising.


    Councillor Baldwin asked for reassurance that conversations regarding the possibility of residents being allowed 30 minutes free parking and private park car parks would continue and be taken into consideration during the consultation. Councillor Cannon said views from Councillors and residents would be considered.


    Councillor Baldwin asked for the evidence for moving from a fixed interval pattern to a targeted street cleansing pattern. Councillor Clark said the evidence was based on officer knowledge and cleaning would take place when necessary. If the service was not delivered to the current standard, contractors could be sent out for further street cleansing.


    Regarding the review of council’s rural car parks, Councillor Hunt said she and residents had concerns of the rural car park at the dead end of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 85.


    Q2 Performance Report pdf icon PDF 185 KB

    To receive the above report.

    Additional documents:


    Chris Joyce introduced the quarterly performance report and said 6 target measures had been achieved, 1 measure was near target and 1 measure was a non-targeted performance for Q2.


    Councillor Bateson congratulated the lead officers for reaching many of the targeted measures. The Vice Chairman said the borough at large needed to invest in initiatives to increase the salary for women.


    Councillor Baldwin raised his concerns about the financial constraints on the Transportation Strategy in engaging community groups to deliver services that were vital to the wellbeing of the residents. He asked if there were any pressures and which voluntary groups would be affected.


    Duncan Sharkey said the pressures included reduced engagement with the community due to lockdown restrictions and the unknown longer-term effects of COVID-19 on organisations. The borough was providing grant funding to organisations. Currently, assumptions could only be made about the impacts.


    Councillor Baldwin asked for reassurance that there would be a maintained supply of PPE to voluntary organisations and asked if this was dependent on central government funding or the local authorities’ resources. Duncan Sharkey said there was a government system for PPE delivery for targeted social care, the NHS and key public sector providers to access. Research showed there was accessibility to PPE.


    Councillor Stimson said Baroness Barran, appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, was looking at the possibility of a new social covenant for volunteers, and the borough was in line to be a pilot area for the project.


    The Panel noted the item.


    Infrastructure Delivery Plan

    To receive the above report.

    Additional documents:


    Chris Joyce introduced the item and said the full infrastructure delivery plan report was prepared in January 2018 to show the infrastructure requirements as part of borough local plan (BLP) and reviewed in October 2019, following changes to the BLP. There were no substantial changes to the projects.


    The schedule of projects was updated based on the prioritisation methodology; high, medium and low priority. The spreadsheet schedule was not published on a regular basis, but the status of the projects was regularly updated by the team.


    Councillor Larcombe said the estimated total scheme value of £302mn was incorrect and said the funding gap figure was not given. Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury were only verbally informed of that Channel 1 was no longer progressing and Wraysbury Parish Council had raised a petition. He said the council had not given an opportunity to consider the River Thames Scheme since 2017 and there was a lack of transparency regarding the scheme. Chris Joyce said changes to the published report could not be changes and future reports would reflect the correct information.


    The Vice Chairman suggested a regularly updated live online version of the reports and the Panel was informed that the schedule of projects could be made into a live document that could be reported to the Panel.


    Councillor Baldwin asked for progress on actions agreed on the Wraysbury Drain site visit, and the Panel was informed that the relevant information would be passed to the Chairman offline.


    Councillor Bateson said ward councillors previously received notifications on the installation of telecommunication aerials in their ward, and Chris Joyce said this would be reviewed offline.


    The Panel noted the item. 



    Capital Programme Processes

    To receive the above report.

    Additional documents:


    Chris Joyce introduced the item and said the report covered the capital programme and how the programme was put together, its guiding principles, how officers put together the schemes and how it was approved by Council. Annually, a call for bids were made, which were shaped into proposals by directorate and prioritised in relation to how they deliver against the corporate priorities. The report provided foundational information, to allow Members to be bettered informed for future items on the Work Programme.


    The Panel noted the item.



    Housing Strategy pdf icon PDF 253 KB

    To receive the above report.

    Additional documents:


    Councillor McWilliams, Lead Member for Housing, Communications and Youth Engagement, introduced the item and said a consultation for the first new Housing Strategy was being undertaken. The Strategy looked at the housing market the borough could deliver and aimed for more affordable rented products


    Emma Congerton, Housing Service Manager, said the public consultation was open until 3 February 2020. The Housing Strategy was centred around three key themes; deliver new homes, promote health and wellbeing and support vulnerable residents to obtain ad sustain appropriate accommodation,


    Councillor Haseler said in planning applications, developers claimed they could not provide affordable housing due to viability issues and hoped for a way to provide more affordable housing. The Panel was informed that there was now an Enabling Officer that would look help drive up affordable and socially rented units.


    Councillor Haseler said the gypsy and traveller community in Cox Green was reluctant to evict themselves from parks under section 61, which led to anti-social behaviour. He asked on the progress regarding this matter and the Panel was informed that the strategy would review this concern and find solutions.


    ACTION: Housing to review gypsy and traveller community accommodation provision in the borough within the housing strategy, to include consideration of the issues raised.


    Councillor Bateson asked if homeless and rough sleepers were given temporary accommodation if they did not live in the borough. Tracy Hendren, Head of Housing and Environmental Health, said they would be referred to the local authority where the duty was owed, and it would be ensured they received the appropriate service. Some households were in temporary accommodation outside of the borough and there were efforts to bring them back in the borough. Last year, households in the borough was 30%, which was now 50% this year.


    Councillor Baldwin asked if the Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) would be revisited as the policy was adapted and the Panel was informed it would be. The Vice Chairman said there was a need for coaching and training regarding the EQIA and the Panel was informed there was a new equality position who would consider this.


    The Panel noted the item.



    Annual Scrutiny Report - Draft pdf icon PDF 313 KB

    Members to consider appropriate content for inclusion in the Panel’s Annual Report.


    The clerk informed the Panel that the draft annual scrutiny report was required by April 2021, with a final version ready for to go to Full Council by June 2021. Councillor Haseler said he was a new Panel Member and inference was needed to be made from the minutes to add comments. The Chairman suggested the item to be taken offline and comments to be made via email.



    Work Programme pdf icon PDF 171 KB

    To consider the Panel’s Work Programme for the remainder of the municipal year.


    To include consideration of items scheduled on the Cabinet Forward Plan.



    Councillor Baldwin said the Work Programme needed to be decluttered, with a focus on what was on the Forward Plan. He said the meetings had become an update from officers, which Members should do prior to the meeting. 


    The Vice Chairman said he provided his suggestions for the Work Programme to the previous Chairman offline and received no feedback.


    Councillors Bateson and Baldwin said with the change in Panel membership, the Panel should have the opportunity to add and remove items on the Programme, to accommodate to the Members interest.


    ACTION: Chairman and Vice Chairman to review the Work Programme, with the Panel Members input.