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Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Derek Moss and Tony Wilson.


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To receive any declarations of interest.


Cllr da Costa stated that a close family member of hers was currently using adult services, which she said she was revealing for transparency reasons.


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To approve the minutes of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the minutes of the meeting held on January 21st 2021 be approved as an accurate record.


Q3 Performance Report pdf icon PDF 249 KB

To note the contents of the report.

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The Chairman said congratulations were in order to everyone who had enabled progress to continue as well as possible in spite of the restrictions that had been caused by Covid19.


Hilary Hall, Director of Adults, Health and Housing, introduced the report relating to adult services and noted there were five performance indicators relevant to the service that had been highlighted. Of these, three had a green indicator. Regarding care package reviews – relating to a particular package’s annual review – Hilary Hall said performance was slightly below target due to resources needing to be diverted elsewhere to cope with the demands of Covid. Reviews had been prioritised and all those where it was considered necessary to had been carried out. It was expected that this performance indicator would be on target by the end of the year.


Regarding permanent admissions to care, the Panel was told this was below target but within tolerance as the number of admissions had been higher in Q3. The Panel was told that reablement – allowing people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible – had an amber rating. Hilary Hall said it was just short of target as there had been a dip in Q1, but there had been significant improvements in Q3. Carers’ assessments were now meeting target; Hilary Hall reminded members that the Panel was told previously that earlier in the year assessments were not being recorded as formal reviews, but there had been lots of contact with service users. The formal paperwork and reviews had now taken place and caught up with the target. The final indicator related to safeguarding, which was on target.


Responding to questions from Cllr da Costa, Hilary Hall said care package reviews were carried out by social workers from Optalis, rather than the agency or care home associated with the service user. She added that the review also took into account the support provided for the carer. Cllr da Costa asked how quality of care was measured. Hilary Hall said packages would be monitored for complaints and if any safeguarding risks were identified. Calls were also regularly made to service users and feedback would be taken, and there would be spot checks. Cllr da Costa asked what would happen if a service user wanted to raise a complaint but did not have a family member who could do so on their behalf. Hilary Hall stated a social worker was able to act as a quasi-family member and could ask for an increased number of visits if concerns were raised.


Cllr Tisi asked if any trends had been recognised any areas where a focus of attention may be needed. Hilary Hall said there was nothing definite at the moment, but it may be the case that the indicators themselves may need to be reviewed to get a clearer understanding. It was likely that the impact of long Covid may present the greatest challenge, in terms of how information relating to the cohort  ...  view the full minutes text for item 67.


Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy pdf icon PDF 237 KB

To note the contents of the report.

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Hilary Hall advised the Panel that the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy had been formally signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board two days previously, and that this was a statutory requirement. The strategy had been developed with input from the Frimley Integrated Care Strategy. Previously the RBWM strategy had had 12 objectives but as these were wide-ranging and difficult to track they had been replaced by four key priorities. There was now less of a focus on delivering new services; instead new ways of joining up strategies and maximising what was already in place were being prioritised, although there was still scope for new services to be introduced if needed.


Cllr Sharpe said the new strategy was very ambitious and the right sort of thing to aim for; however he asked how this strategy differed from the previous one and what would happen if the targets were not achievable. Hilary Hall said the previous 12 objectives had all related to operational matters, whereas the new priorities would provide a clearer focus on the work that was actually taking place. Hilary Hall and Kevin McDaniel both said the targets were aspirational and long-term, and could take several years to become fully embedded. Following a question from Cllr Bateson, Hilary Hall confirmed neighbouring councils and health colleagues had been consulted prior to the strategy being agreed.


Cllr da Costa said she was pleased the strategy was so long-term, as often plans would only be implemented for a four-term period in between elections. Following a request from the Chairman, it was agreed Cllr Carroll would take forward to Cabinet that the strategy’s long-term focus would be to 2025 and beyond.


It was noted that the term ‘high level actions’ mentioned at 2.5 of the main report should not have been included and should say ‘detailed delivery plans’ instead.


Cllr Tisi noted that domestic abuse had been listed as an area of challenge that needed combatting, and asked if this had been identified as a particular issue. Hilary Hall said there had been a recent increase and lockdowns caused by Covid had exacerbated the issue; however it had been included as it impacted on children’s and adult services and it was felt it would be wrong not to include it. Kevin McDaniel said examples of domestic abuse included controlling and/or coercive behaviour, and not just physical violence. Cllr Carroll said it was important people were able to spot the signs of domestic abuse, and the Council would work with the police to bring perpetrators to account.


Cllr Carroll said the strategy and the new performance priorities would enable the Health and Wellbeing Board to measure its progress. He said he would be working with Cllr Stimson as part of her role with climate change and sustainability, as the right environment would lead to improved outcomes for all.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the Panel noted the report and noted the new Joint Health and Wellbeing/Place Strategy 2021-2025.


Overview and Scrutiny Panel Annual Report pdf icon PDF 240 KB

To approve the Annual Report.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That the contents of the Annual Report be approved and passed for consideration at Full Council.


Work Programme 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 265 KB

To review the work programme for the 2021-22 municipal year.


The Chairman reminded the Panel that all members had been asked to contribute suggestions for the work programme, and many of these had been scheduled for dates for the forthcoming year following discussions with officers. She expressed thanks to officers for their help in developing the work programme.


The Chairman said a report regarding youth groups – outlining which groups there were and how they helped young people and contributed to the Council – had been proposed but no date had been set for it. She also suggested a task and finish group looking at the recommissioning of domiciliary care services. The Chairman noted from the minutes of the last meeting that Cllr Sharpe had remarked that although value for money needed to be taken into consideration when creating care packages, this should not be to the detriment of the level of care provided and the focus should be on providing the appropriate level of care. She suggested a task and finish group could review this, and this suggestion was agreed by members.


Cllr Tisi suggested the item on youth groups could be considered outside of the Panel via email. Cllr Hunt said she felt it would not be possible to scrutinise decisions if members were not aware of all of the groups and what they did. Kevin McDaniel said youth services were in the process of being restructured as part of the family hubs work and notional budgets would be defined as a result. This would be sent to members as soon as possible for discussion in its own right. Cllr da Costa said the family hub strategy was being implemented and suggested a review could be included as an agenda item for the meeting in April 2022.