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The Chairman introduced the item and read out the terms of reference of the Cabinet Transformation Sub Committee.


Leader of the Council and Chairman of Cabinet, Business, Economic Development and Property said that in his view transformation is the fundamental engine of innovation in terms or improving service deliver, engagement and given the current financial climate how further savings and commercial opportunities could be achieved. It was decided with the chairman of this subcommittee to get it established to provide focus on this work stream outside main Cabinet to provide a borough of opportunity and innovation.  Looking to imbed excellent progress already made and see it accelerated.  Looking how we deliver public services and also engage the 3rd sector.


The Chairman agreed with the vision and allow the subcommittee look at how we can deliver better outcomes, be more accessible and better use of technology.


Cllr Davey asked why a quorum of 2 had been chosen and was informed that given the size of the panel it was a standard number given it was a committee of five.  It was also noted that it did not have to be politically balances as a committee of Cabinet and any Cabinet member could substitute.


The terms of reference were noted.


Case Study - Adult Social Care


The subcommittee received a presentation on the Adult Social Care Transformation Programme 2019-2024 as a case study of transformation within the Royal Borough.


The Director of Adults, Health and Commissioning gave an overview of the work undertaken and what was learnt via the process.  When appointed she looked at what work was undertaken and what the authority wanted to deliver through adult social care, with the main driver was being able to allow residents to live independently with fulfilled lives.  Promoting independence was core to the Care Act.


The national position was explained with savings being made and a reliance on grants.  Locally  services had been transferred to Optalis with improved service delivery and better joint working with Health and other partners.  There had been real opportunities to deliver differently and focus on reablement and independence.


The Transformation Strategy was developed with underlying principals such as working with residents, staff and partners to deliver vision.  The main focus was on outcomes and delivery.  The 6 main objectives to the strategy were shown.  Looked at what people could do rather then what they cannot do and there was more technology enabled care. 


The impact of Covid-19 in March 202 resulted in the need for transformation now.  We focused on community support volunteering and shielding.  Work was done with 53 community groups, staff were enabled to work from home and a case management system and application was developed for the future.  Examples of where we are now were given.


The final part of the picture was looking at what we have learnt so far.  Such as having quick wins to help have a positive engagement, continued communication about the plan, staff engagement and being willing to try new things and being able to say it may not be working and move on. 


The Chairman mentioned that the things they had been pushing in Adult Social Care was prevention, enablement and increased independence with compassion.  Through the transformation they have had better delivery and innovation.  Our strategic and operational partnership with the NHS was also important.


The Lead Member for Finance and Ascot said that he agreed that we do not celebrate success as much as we should especially for staff.  He was also amazed at how many charitable organizations were there and willing to work with the community; it’s important to help facilitate bringing them together.


The Leader of the Council and Chairman of Cabinet, Business, Economic Development and Property thanked the director and staff for their work on this especially front line staff and volunteers during the pandemic.  He saw this work as a genuine empowerment of organisations and volunteers to have a greater role in shaping the services and benefits going forward. 


The Lead Member for  Climate Change, Sustainability, Parks and Countryside mentioned that when you volunteered it also made yourself feel better and your state of wellbeing improved.  For her area of responsibility she would need community support to make climate changes. 


Cllr Davey asked if the Lion 2.0  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


RBWM Transformation Strategy 2020-25 pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Cabinet Transformation Sub Committee considered the report regarding the RBWM Transformation Strategy 2020-25.


The Director of Adults, Health and Commissioning informed that the draft strategy built upon a lot of the principles presented in the case study and set out the long term vision of a borough of opportunity and innovation.  It linked to existing strategies and three enablers; communities, resources and working in partnership.  The strategy itself was built around seven elements.  With community at the centre, they were finance; culture; environment, prevention; digital and process redesign.  If approved a detailed action plan would be brought forward to deliver the Strategy.


For clarity on page three with regards to a CIPFA review of the RBWM Property Company this review would be undertaken but had not yet been done.  This would be made clear in the strategy.


The Lead Member for Transport and Infrastructure said that this paper showed the tools required to undertake transformation discussed earlier.  It identified the key drivers and factors to be considered and provide a framework for each directorate.


The Lead Member for  Climate Change, Sustainability, Parks and Countryside said this paper proposed both opportunity and difficulties as we have to be careful to prioritise so things do not get lost.  We need to look at how we enable people, look at skill sets and how others could be taught on a community level. 


The Leader of the Council and Chairman of Cabinet, Business, Economic Development and Property reiterated that this was an opportunity to move away from the orthodox and gives a platform to build upon a borough of opportunity and innovation.   This is about empowering communities and using all tools at our disposal and working in partnership.  We need to deliver better outcomes, opportunities and the ability to help shape services.


Cllr Price mentioned that the report said that action plans would be completed in two months and asked if this was realistic.  She also mentioned that it was a huge cultural change from having this done for residents to having them being the drivers and the challenge should not be underestimated with support required.  In reply she was informed that it was important to have due consideration on any proposed changes and implementation for residents. The timescale for the action plan was reasonable as officers had already been working on it and was rooted in existing strategies.  We will bring forward a detailed action plan for year one if not longer.


Cllr Davey questioned the quorum of two and that it said that wherever possible existing procurement process would be used.  He supported the use of local companies.  His questioned if it was right that a couple of Cabinet Members could potentially approve large contracts as part of the strategy. The Chairman said that this was a subcommittee of Cabinet and the larger decisions would be reported back to Cabinet this meeting was to be used as a focus point to dive forward the strategy.  Formal decision making channels would be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Innovation Mandate pdf icon PDF 227 KB


The Cabinet Transformation Sub Committee considered the report regarding the proposed Innovation Mandate.


The Director of Adults, Health and Commissioning informed that the report requests agreement for Cabinet members and Directors to attend a series of three workshops led by iESE ltd.  The objective of the workshops will be to bring a common language and concepts for transformation against an established framework, to get a common view.


(Cllr McWilliams had left the meeting and did not vote)


Resolved unanimously:  that Cabinet Transformation sub-committeenotes the report and:


i)          Approves for the Innovation Mandate to take place at the earliest opportunity.