Agenda item

Actions arising from previous minutes

To confirm the actions from the previous meeting have been carried out.


The EA to return to the Flood Liaison Group with an update on the modelling work and TFB information as soon as possible.


Scott Salmon from the Environment Agency (EA) stated the Temporary Flood Barriers (TFB) required more work and he would provide a full update during the main item on the agenda.


Modelling Work – the link to the modelling work had been circulated to Members and Scott Salmon suggested leaving the modelling work as a standing item so it could be continually updated.


The EA to circulate a list of possible funding options for capital projects that the Council could apply for.


Scott Salmon explained that the contact for a list of external funding options was Sean Maskrey. It was Sean Maskrey’s dedicated role to locate funding streams for Councils. Henry Clasper stated the action was to list specific funding options. Scott Salmon responded he would request  list from Sean to be circulated prior to the next meeting.


Scott Salmon raised this action again with the chair later in the meeting and the action was cancelled with the Chairman directing action that parish council’s should work with the Borough on local projects. The council would then work with the EA liaison, Shaun Maskrey as to funding options. Brian Vally could work with parish groups if required.


Brianne Vally from the EA to circulate the EA’s Response to the Worsfold Review., and also for Brianne Vally to send the weblink to Members so they can provide feedback on the EAs asset management plan.


Scott Salmon confirmed the EAs response to the Worsfold Review had been circulated via the Flood Liaison Group’s clerk and that the weblink had also been circulated. He added the Asset Management Plan was aiming to increase transparency and he requested to keep the Asset Management Plan as a standing item so the EA could bring an update back to the Group if there were any developments.


Ian Thompson said he had three issues with the spreadsheet. Brianne Vally had responded to some of them but he requested a discussion on the points raised as some related to Thames Water and others related to the Borough. He had requested meetings with Sue Fox at the Borough and were looking forward to an early response. He stated his issues only related to Datchet. Scott Salmon responded that may not be something that the EA would add to the Asset Management Plan so they could be a standalone item.


Brianne Vally from the EA to bring an item to the next Flood Liaison Group on dredging of the Thames.


Scott Salmon explained Ewan Larcombe had concerns regarding bed levels of the Thames. Dredging did take place to maintain navigation rights to the Thames which was just to keep part of the waterways clear for navigation. Dredging had not been ruled out if it helped land drainage, but that was on a case by case basis; regular dredging was unlike to occur again. However, if Members had concerns they could report them; any concerns reported should be reported using the reporting system so that there was a record of it.


Councillor Lenton said he had been told that dredging had been abandoned as the Thames was self-scouring. Scott Salomon responded a report had been published after the last major flooding event that confirmed the Thames was self-scouring but, he was not saying it did not need dredging, he said the EA would dredge in certain locations on a case by case basis.


Ian Thompson stated he had read the Halcrow report that stated when there was a large flood event, the water in the Thames moved silt into other places which reduced navigation ability which was why local dig outs occurred. He said he had over 10 years of barometric surveys which showed silt volumes remained the same but, not in the same places. There needed to be consideration of how the situation moved forward. Scott Salmon confirmed he did not disagree with any of the viewpoints raised.