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Update from RBWM

To receive the above update.


Simon Lavin, Flood Risk Manager stated he had met with representatives from Volkers regarding the Datchet Barrel and the works were discussed. The Parish Council were to be approached to look at locations and a jetting machine would be placed on grass islands to keep the machines off the road to reduce the impact to traffic. The CCTV work should follow that, although it was up to the contractor how they proceeded with the works. The Flood Risk Manager confirmed he had seen the CCTV footage and there were some bricks missing from the barrel but, he was not concerned. Ian Thompson said when he saw the barrel, there were a pile of bricks down there.


The Flood Risk Manager stated he had met with representatives from Volkers about the Wraysbury Drain Weir and they were going to attend site on the week commencing 28 January 2019. The main issue was access so they may need to put panels down to get plant on site. Volkers were looking at using concrete to stem flows but they would assess the site to see what would be the best method before any decisions were made. The works should be completed by the end of February 2019 and if they could carry out a permanent repair while they are on site, they will do which should stop the flow around the back of the weir.


The Flood Risk Manager stated the Flood Risk Management Strategy consultation had been delayed and he needed to have a discussion with the commissioning team before the consultation could go ahead. The consultation would focus on how minor planning applications were viewed.


Martin Coker said he was due to have a meeting with Volker Highways as they had promised bi-annual cleaning of the gullies in Lower Road, Cookham Dean. The Flood Risk Manager confirmed the bi-annual gully cleaning had been added to their cleaning schedule.


Councillor Beer asked if the Flood Liaison Group could get an early view of the draft Drainage Strategy. The Flood Risk Manager stated it was in view of the existing strategy which was already on the Council’s website; there had been a formal consultation three or four years ago. Councillor Beer stated the draft Flood Risk Management Strategy should go before the Flood Liaison Group before it went out to consultation.


Scott Salmon from the EA stated the Borough and Parish Councils would need to approach Sean Maskrey with a list of potential capital projects and then he would seek the appropriate funding. He added a meeting should be organised to discuss projects and then the Borough would approach Sean. The Flood Risk Manager stated the Council’s commissioning team would discuss potential capital projects with the Lead Member and then put those projects forward for a capital bid. The Chairman stated the Parish Councils would like to put forward a list of projects too. Scott Salmon explained that was part of Brianne Vally’s role and that local, ongoing issues could be proposed to Brianne. Scott Salmon then confirmed the cattlepass was not recognised as a flood asset and the bund at Eton End School had been reinstated. Scott Salmon confirmed that Sean Maskrey would only liaise with the Borough and would not be able to receive request directly from Parish Councils. If the Parishes wanted to get their projects onto a potential funding list, they would need to go through their Ward Councillors.  Harry Clasper asked if the Borough did not agree with the Parish Council, there was no way of getting the projects requested done. The Chairman responded telling them to approach Ward Councillors who would approach the commissioning team. Harry Clasper said there were issues in Datchet that were of such importance that there should be a much more formalised way of getting pro9jects on the list. There were a handful of projects in Datchet where the Parish Council had no way of knowing when or if they would receive any funding. The Chairman responded that elected representatives were the right way in and if the Parish Council used that route, then the Flood Liaison Group would be the forum where general feedback would be provided.


v  Action – The Flood Risk Manager to identify potential capital schemes that should be moved forward and then Liaise with Sean Maskrey for match appropriate funding to the schemes.