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Draft Milestones Statement 2019/2020

To receive a report on the above titled item.


Anthony Hurst, Parks and Countryside Manager outlined the above titled report. Panel Members were informed that the report sought to gain approval for the “Milestones Statement and Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan Annual Review 2019-2020” which outlined the Council’s objectives, priorities, targets and service standards for public rights of way work in the upcoming year and available resources for delivering this service.


Members of the Panel were told that a consultation had been held with the Local Access Forum (LAF) and that they had endorsed the targets as outlined within the report. It was highlighted that Parish Councils had also been included, and notably Hurley and Cookham Parish Councillors had been supportive of the targets. Councillor Werner queried how priorities in relation to resurfacing were created and it was confirmed that there was a stringent criteria applied which included, complaints received, costs, level of use and the capital works budget. Members were informed that there was £2,000 allocated per project and that there were ten major resurfacing projects that currently exceeded this budget. Members queried whether larger projects were avoided due to costs and it was confirmed that for any large projects that a capital bid would be confidently applied for. Councillor Hunt queried whether the WM1 target should be decreased from 95% to 91% and it was confirmed that the 95% had been achieved in the past and that this particular target had been based on recommendations made by Ramblers and that this was a realistic and achievable target. Councillor Werner queried whether stretch targets should be introduced and it was commented by members that this would be an inaccurate display of volunteer work and contributions. Members were updated that in relation to target WP2 that 1 new updated ROW map would be produced. It was outlined that work had begun in co-production with Eton Wick & Wraysbury Parish Council to produce this updated publication.  


Councillor Ilyas queried whether all of the footpaths as laid out in the Rights of Way Management and Improvement Plan 2016-2026  had been considered as  future projects and it was confirmed that there were some long-term aspirational projects listed and that any updates were listed in bold within the appendix. It was discussed that some of the listed updates had been completed.


ACTION- That Anthony Hurst, update Appendix 7 to amend any completed updated and site specific projects within the Rights of Way Management and Improvement Plan 2016-2026.


Councillor Hunt queried how many cold case files were currently on the RBWM database and it was confirmed that at present there were 50 outstanding cold case cases, but that there was no pressure or need to prioritise these projects at this time. Councillor Yong queried that there were some site specific updates which were not on the definitive map and listed, for example St George’s Lane. It was noted that some sites were not public rights of way and had lost this classification.  Councillor Yong also queried a footpath which had been blocked Heatherwood Hospital which linked to the nearby train station and queried whether work could be carried out to re-open this for commuters. It was highlighted that this could be suggested as part of the development proposal for Heatherwood hospital and that further details of this were available through the Heatherwood; housing site proposal planning application.


At the conclusion of the update, Members thanked the public rights of way team for their work on the Milestone’s Statement and Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan Annual Review 2019-2020.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the Rights of Way and Highways Licensing Panel approved the Milestones Statement and Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan Annual Review 2019/2020.

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