Agenda item

Election of Leader

To elect a Leader of the Council on the nomination of the Group forming the Administration of the Council.


Members considered the election of the Leader of the Council.


Councillor Coppinger proposed Councillor Simon Dudley as Leader of the Council. Councillor Coppinger explained that he had first become a Member 8 years previously; the borough had been a very different place then. It was a borough that did not support affordable housing, only supported sustainability if the pay back was good and where children and grandchildren had to move away to afford a house. The Waterway was only a dream; Maidenhead had literally been dying. Now it was a borough with high levels of investment, a new leisure centre in Maidenhead and a new one to be built in the south of the borough; where those unfortunate enough to be homeless were offered accommodation and not just when it was freezing. Where 30% affordable housing was guaranteed on joint development sites. York House had been rebuilt, the new Waterways were coming and millions had been invested in schools. The borough had fought to stop the expansion of Heathrow and improve the lives of residents, and had worked closely with the government on a flood relief scheme. A Cabinet Member had been appointed to drive the green agenda including a new kerbside recycling scheme. The common factor had been Councillor Dudley, a leader with foresight, financial acumen and the ability to see opportunities and make decisions.


In seconding the motion, Councillor Rayner commented that Councillor Dudley was one of the most experienced and long-serving councillors. He had held a number of Lead Member positions in which he had gained valuable insights and then had been Leader for the last three years. In that time the council had made huge and brilliant steps to make the lives of residents better. Change was not easy and bravery was needed. Councillor Dudley was passionate about delivering and driving change. There was a need for stability in the council to give confidence to businesses and residents and to encourage more investment in the borough. Councillor Dudley brought to the council a long and successful career in banking, dealing in complex and high finance. These skills were essential as the borough tackled the most challenging and demanding issues of the day including increasing social care for adults and children and the huge infrastructure and development needed. This required a Leader who could steer with confidence and the skills to deliver what was so needed.


It was proposed by Councillor Coppinger, seconded by Councillor Rayner, and:


RESOLVED: That Councillor Dudley be elected as Leader of the Council.


A named vote was taken as at least five councillors made such a request, as per Part 2 C17.3.3 of the constitution: 23 councillors voted for the motion: Councillors Bateson, Bhangra, Bowden, Cannon, Carroll, Clark, Coppinger, Dudley, Haseler, Hilton, Hunt, Johnson, Luxton, McWilliams, Muir, Rayner, Singh, Sharpe, Shelim, Story, Stimson, Targowski, Walters. 17 councillors voted against the motion: Councillors Baldwin, Baskerville, Bond, Brar, C Da Costa, W Da Costa, Davey, Davies, Del Campo, Hill, Jones, Knowles, Price, Reynolds, Taylor, Tisi and Werner. Councillor Larcombe abstained.


Councillor Dudley confirmed the Cabinet positions for 2019/20; details of which had been distributed to those present. He thanked all who had voted in the recent local elections. He looked forward to working with all Members to improve the lives of every resident in every ward whether Conservative controlled or not.




Councillor Dudley

Leader of the Council, Maidenhead Regeneration and Maidenhead (incl. Communications and Property)

Councillor Coppinger

Deputy Leader of the Council, Planning

Councillor Rayner

Deputy Chairman of Cabinet,Culture, Communities and Windsor (incl. Customer and Business Services)

Councillor Carroll

Adults, Children and Health

Councillor Hilton

Finance and Ascot

Councillor Clark

Sustainability, Waste Services and Economic Development

Councillor Cannon

Public Protection

Councillor Shelim

HR, Legal & IT (incl. Performance Management)

Councillor Johnson

Infrastructure, Transport Policy and Housing