Agenda item


To consider the report.


David Scott introduced the item and went through the report. David Scott commented that he had spoken with the local commander about the crime figures as UK stats caused concerns. The LPA commander had done some additional work which gave a rolling figure for twelve months. These showed that the headline figure was down, although the violent crime figures were up because of the increase in the level of harassment recording and reporting. David Scott asked the Panel how they would like the stats reported. David Scott was aware that the lack of commentary and that they were drawn from a national website was not very appropriate.


The Chairman informed the Panel that Thames Valley would not have the crime figures for the wealthier parts of the borough as these were not recorded in the national crime figures. The Chairman advised that the crime figures were also presented to the town forums. The Chairman said that the format of the figures should be discussed at a future meeting.


Councillor Del Campo asked for information on the number of projects to do with transformation, that had already been implemented, could more detail of these projects be sent to the Councillor Del Campo.


ACTION: Provide more detail on transformation projects.


Councillor Del Campo also asked when the Panel would see the delivery plan mentioned on page 5 for the environmental climate strategy.


ACTION: Provide timeline for delivery plan.


Councillor Del Campo commented that it was interesting to see that the Cox Green leisure centre attendances had stayed high. It would be interesting to understand why and learn from it. David Scott commented that the Cox Green leisure centre was smaller so had less impact, but it had been noticed that people were staying local.

Councillor Price asked about the revised priorities and the economic downturn and information on jobs, what was being done to help people find jobs, where would this be reported? Councillor Price commented on the accuracy of the Covid directory and how useful this would be if it was not accurate. Councillor Price suggested that the Covid directory should be circulated to all Ward councillors for them to update the entries that would be more accurate.


ACTON: David Scott to provide this suggestion to the team.


Councillor Price asked how the litter bins in the parks were measured and how often they were emptied. David Scott informed the Panel that was one of the five strands that made up the Tivoli contract performance indicator. The overflowing of the bins was being looked at and discussed with Tivoli. There had been steady progress with the contract.


Steph James informed the Panel that there was a strand of work ongoing as part of the recovery strategy to ensure that very clear information was available on the website in terms of jobs and employment. Steph James suggested reporting this at a future meeting.


ACTION: Add to work programme


Councillor G Jones asked a question about lateral flow testing and having one to visit a care home. When trying to arrange from RBWM website, it asks for a company name before takes you to next screen, this may need to be looked at. Maybe needs to be updated to say you can have this to visit a care home and the company information request needed to be taken out.


ACTION: David Scott to look into this and amend


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