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Budget Decision: Windsor Leisure Centre Changing Room Refurbishment 2016/17

To consider the above report


Members considered a request to add to the 2016/17 Capital Programme £300k to finance a refurbishment project on the poolside changing rooms at Windsor Leisure Centre. The proposal was being handled outside of the Council’s annual budget approval process as the opportunity to undertake the work in conjunction with an unplanned  close down of the swimming pool had only recently been programmed.


Councillor S. Rayner commented that since she had become Lead Member in May 206 she had become aware of resident complaints about the state of the changing rooms. It was recognised that it was difficult for Parkwood to achieve the high standards of cleanliness expected if the changing rooms were worn out. A major leak in the supply side of the pool also needed to be repaired and would result in a close-down for 4-6 weeks. December was the quietest period for the leisure centre. As the council would have to pay compensation to Parkwood for the close-down it was proposed that the changing room work take place at the same time to avoid duplication of costs. The new facilities would include 7 family size changing rooms and large lockers. New floor and wall tiles would also be fitted.


Councillor E. Wilson stated he was pleased to support the proposal as the facility was very popular. The £300,000 was in addition to the £650,000 already in the programme for the Magnet Leisure centre. He thanked the Lead Member for her personal interest in the issue. Windsor councillors often received complaints therefore action was needed. The proposals would be good for both those who lived in and those who visited the borough.


Councillor Stretton commented that she hoped the new design would enable changing rooms to be closed off in blocks for continual cleaning during the day.


Councillor Beer questioned the rental income figures in the report. Councillor Dudley confirmed that the figures related to an annual rent therefore profiling would be included.


Councillor Beer also commented that in his professional life he had been involved in pool design the at Montem Sports Centre and Magnet Leisure Centre. Both had used a revolutionary design with open access. If the design of the Windsor pool was similar it may be near the end of its life. He suggested the use of melamine wall tiles which would be cheaper and quicker to install. He was concerned at the closure over the school holidays when families may want to visit; in addition many building companies closed over this period.


Councillor S. Rayner confirmed that the new design would allow mops to go under the changing room sides to improve efficiency. Parkwood had been involved in the design. She hoped the works to be undertaken would extend the life of the pool. In relation to tiles, Parkwood had preferred tiles as they would be more hygienic than melamine. December was the quietest time for the leisure centre and the contractors had agreed to the time period.


It was proposed by Councillor S Rayner, seconded by Councillor E. Wilson, and:




i.                    Agree the inclusion of £300k in the 2016-17 Capital Programme to fund the Windsor Leisure Centre changing rooms refurbishment programme over Christmas 2016.  

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