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Decisions published

09/03/2020 - DECISION ref: 110    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Licensing & Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Sub Committee

Made at meeting: 09/03/2020 - Licensing & Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Sub Committee

Decision published: 13/05/2020

Effective from: 09/03/2020


The Sub-Committee carefully considered all the submissions. The Sub-Committee expressed the licensing objectives were not being met and there was public nuisance, based on the comments and observations of Mr and Mrs Hamilton’s and the resultant evidence given by the Thames Valley Police, the Environmental Protection Officers and Licensing. They were particularly reliant on the statements given by the Community Safety Wardens Ben Higgs and Jake Hynard, as the behaviour of Mr Candido Rodrigues raised concerns to the safety of the public. The evidence given by Elizabeth Johnson, Environmental Protection Officer evidence also showed breaches of the Noise Abatement Notice on 27th October and 16th November 2019.


After careful consideration of all the evidence, the Sub-Committee decided that the following conditions be added to the premises licence for Pazzia Restaurant:

1.    No person shall be permitted in the outdoor seating at the front of the premises between 22:00 hours and 7:00 hours.

2.    The smoking solution will be moved to the left hand side (facing towards the premises) at 22.00 hours, 7 nights per week.

3.    No table or chairs to be provided at the side and rear of the building.

4.    Digital CCTV monitoring system must be installed at the front, side and rear of the building and maintained to Thames Valley Police standard.  Recordings to be kept securely for 31 days and made avgailable to Thames Valley Police employees and Authorised Persons as defined by Section 13 & 69 Licensing Act 2003 upon request.


a.    DPS or nominated person to be trained on how to work the CCTV system to the standard where the nominated person can download any potential evidence required by Thames Valley Police employees and Authorised Persons as defined by Section 13 & 69 Licensing Act 2003.

b.    Nominated person is responsible in supplying the necessary media (discs, data sticks) containing any downloaded content.  Refusals Register to be on the premises and kept up to date and made available upon the request of the Police, Trading Standards and Authorised Persons as defined by Section 13 & 69 Licensing Act 2003.

5.    Outdoor entertainment and singing is not permitted at any time.

6.    There shall be no live or recorded music after 23:00 hours, seven nights a week.


The premises opening hours to remain as:


·         Monday 11.00 to 00.30

·         Tuesday 11.00 to 00.30

·         Wednesday 11.00 to 00.00

·         Thursday 11.00 to 01.00

·         Friday 11.00 to 01.00

·         Saturday 11.00 to 01.00

·         Sunday 11.00 to 23.00


It is considered that these conditions are appropriate to further the licensing objective of prevention of public nuisance and public safety.