Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Local Authority Local Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan29/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
St Cloud Way, Maidenhead – Site Proposal29/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
Compulsory Purchase Order – Nicholsons Walk Shopping Centre, Maidenhead26/06/2020For Determination27/08/2020
CIPFA REVIEW OF GOVERNANCE - ACTION PLAN26/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
CIPFA reviews of Achieving for Children and Optalis26/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
Proposal to introduce new organisational values26/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
Council Interim Strategy 2020-2126/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
Emergency Duty Service for Social Services – Adults and Children26/06/2020For Determination30/07/2020
Financial Update19/05/2020For Determination24/09/2020
Finance Update22/04/2020For Determination30/07/2020
New Provision for Children and Young People with Special Education Needs16/03/2020For Determination27/08/2020