Meeting attendance

Thursday, 27th August, 2020 6.15 pm, Cabinet - on the rising of Cabinet sitting as Trustees

Venue:   Online access

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor David Cannon Committee Member Present
James Carpenter Officer Expected
Councillor Stuart Carroll Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Gerry Clark Committee Member Present
David Cook Clerk Present
Councillor David Coppinger Committee Member Present
Nikki Craig Officer Expected
Louisa Dean Officer Expected
Hilary Hall Officer Expected
Tracy Hendren Council Staff Expected
Councillor David Hilton Committee Member Present
Councillor Andrew Johnson Chairman Apologies
Rebecca Lowe Officer Expected
Kevin McDaniel Officer Expected
Councillor Ross McWilliams Committee Member Present
Russell O'Keefe Officer Expected
Councillor Samantha Rayner Committee Member Present
Barbara Richardson Officer Expected
Duncan Sharkey Council Staff Expected
Councillor Donna Stimson Committee Member Present
Adele Taylor Officer Expected
Andrew Vallance Officer Expected
Adrien Waite Council Staff Expected
Ruth Watkins Council Staff Expected