Agenda and minutes

Venue: Maidenhead Synagogue, Grenfell Lodge, Ray Park Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8QX

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Welcome & Introductions


The Chair welcomed all attendee’s to the meeting and thanked Barbara Grossman for hosting the meeting at Maidenhead Synagogue, Grenfell Road, Maidenhead. Members introduced themselves and the organisations that they represented.


Apologies for absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Samantha Rayner, Shabana Farooq, Lyn Mangisi, Saghir Ahmed and Pc Louise Warbrick.


Minutes of the last meeting held on the 14th March 2018 pdf icon PDF 80 KB

To agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 14th March 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on the 14th March 2018 were approved as a correct record subject to the following amendment;


·         That Nicola Davidson be marked as present.


'The Know How'

To receive an overview of the work of the new charity based in Windsor by Nick Roberts.


Nick Roberts, from “The Know How” informed the forum that they were a new charity based in Windsor which was newly formed in January 2018 and was managed by Nick and his colleague Michael James. The project is organised to run for three days a week as a homeless project. He highlighted that most of the service user were homeless and were from surrounding areas. The project had an advocacy service for supporting those with issues relating to housing, health care, and addictions. It was intended that support groups would be formed to help support clients. Referrals were made via ‘The Know How’ website and it was noted that these referral numbers were increasing daily. The Forum were told that the charity had active social media streams and that this was looked after by Helen Price. It was also highlighted that the Facebook page and Twitter streams had good engagement from service users and that the community pages on Facebook had proved to be popular. It was noted that there were also designated pages for additions and support for young mothers.


Forum Members were told that the ambition for ‘The Know How’ was to create a peer led group, have a visible shopfront and to carry out outreach work. It was noted that as a result of the advocacy service that good links with the RBWM housing department had formed and that there had been significant improvements made for service users. The charity was currently in communication with Bracknell Forrest Homes regarding potential void housing or hard to let housing for their vulnerable service users. It was noted that there had been a private donation of £10,000 to the project but that this would only fund the project until September/October. The project would seek to attain funding through RBWM and intended on bidding for funding.


Members of the forum were happy to help promote the service and for their details to be exchanged with the newly formed charity.





Covenant Fund

To receive an update on the funding relating to integrating and supporting army families.


Nicola Davidson outlined the item. It was discussed that there was £20,000 available for the Supporting of Armed Forces and family. The money could be used to help family and non- family members. It was highlighted that there various integration projects being launched and these included services to support with housing and health care. Support was also available to help with the application forms and the deadline for applications was the 29th July 2018. The next round of applications would be looked at in September 2018.


Harjit Hunjan informed the Forum that RBWM had received the Bronze award for its work around supporting and inclusion of staff who were involved in active duty or were reservists.


Members were reminded that there would be an area dedicated to the Army, Reservists and Police at the Alexandra Garden, Windsor Summaer Fayre on the 30th June 2018. Members were encouraged to attend the event.


Covenant Fund

To receive an update from Jennifer Shaw.


Jenifer Shaw (RBWM), outlined the item. Members were informed that GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 were now in force. RBWM now had over 60 privacy notices and these could be found on the borough’s website. There had been face to face training for over 550 RBWM staff. The Forum were informed that non-compliance of data protection would result in hefty fines and penalties. Details of all privacy notices had been published on the RBWM website. Members were urged to think about the ways in which they currently store and share data and about the information journey.


It was highlighted that equal responsibilities were expected by Facebook and admin users on social media platforms. Policies and statements were needed for all types of data procession by organisations and there were also special categories of data where specific procedures should be outlined. The Forum were also reminded that there were now different requirements for keeping and storing information and that consent had become more explicit. It was also noted that fines for breaches of the GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018 ranged from £500,000 to £18 million. Members could contact the Data Protection team via email for all enquiries, (


SWAMI 2018 (Slough Windsor & Maidenhead Initiative)

To receive an update from Paul Samuels.


Paul Samuels,(SWAMI) outlined the above titled item. The Forum were told that SWAMI were supported by the Slough and Maidenhead Partnership, Windsor Humanists and WAMCF. The organisation aimed to bring cohorts and communities  of people together via various events and activities.  The Forum were informed with details of two upcoming Community showcases which would be held on the 14th July ( 11am-3pm) in Slough and on the 28th July (11am-3pm) in Windsor. It was intended that there would be a High Street Festival in 2019. 


There were currently 11 associated groups in Windsor and 16 associated grops in Slough which included the DASH charity, Samaritans, Diabetes UK. It was noted that the ambition of SWAMI was to provide opportunities for communities to work more closely together. Both Slough and Windsor’s MPs had attended previous events and invitations had been sent to them again for the upcoming events. The Forum were also informed that SWAMI had a steering group which met every 7 weeks and that there was a representative for each faith at each meeting. It was noted that part of the ambition and drive for 2018 was to engage the community, become more public facing and stimulate interfaith dialogue.


NHS Engagement work

To receive an overview of local community engagement regarding the future of urgent care and community hospital beds from Nisha Duggal.


Vicki Dodd outlined the above titled item. Members were informed that ‘ The Big Conversation’ had launched and there was now a duty to involve wider working groups and stakeholders. A number of duties in urgent care had emerged and the onus was now on the local authority to have dialogue with local people around the shaping of services moving forward. Members queried the definition of urgent care and emergency care and it was highlighted that urgent care was defined as a condition or illness that required immediate attention on the same day as presenting symptoms.


A survey was currently being created and being sent out to a wider audience. Drop in and open sessions were being held at Norden Farm and at Windsor Fire Station. Online conversations were also being carried out using the Cover it Live system and these sessions would be available on the 21st and 27th June ( 7-8.30pm) There had been some analysis of those groups who may not have an understanding of critical care and further work to engage with these voluntary and community groups would be undertaken. Further email enquiries could be sent to


Day Services across the Borough

To receive a verbal report by Fiona Betts and Deborah Mbofanah.


Deborah Mbofana introduced the item titled above. It was outlined that there was a need to engage local organisations and working groups with the shaping and review of day services currently available in the borough. Members were asked to share some activities they currently took part in, and how these activities made them feel. The Forum was told that RBWM currently provided day services for those who were aged 65 years old or above. Members discussed that there was a lack of provision in evening services and that isolation was a key factor in wellbeing for this age group. Members also discussed ways in which individuals with disabilities could be integrated into activities, as opposed to having separate services which could exclude them and create a deeper sense of isolation.


It was highlighted that there were some day services that were available for those with disabilities included Elizabeth House, Cookham. Members highlighted that should be better referral of services and dissemination of information. It was noted that WAMCF had a list of all current mapped services throughout the borough.


ACTION- That Deborah Mbofana’s contact details be circulated to the OBG.


ACTION- That Deborah Mbofana and Fiona Betts be invited to speak at the next OBG meeting.


Members also discussed current “buddy” services which enabled volunteers to pair up with an individual and carry out an activity or interest together. It was noted that the Commissioning and Strategy team were currently mapping services of individual wants and hours of services.


Community and Membership update


Ø     Thames Valley Police- Harjit Hunjan updated the group with a briefing note provided by PC Louise Warbrick. The briefing note outlined Donald Trump’s visit to the UK which would be taking place in July. It was requested that if any Member had any concerns relating to community tensions that this should be reported to Thames Valley Police. There had been some concerns raised around “Punish a Muslim Day” and Forum Members were urged to use the watchdog “Tell Mamas” for any Islamophobia related incidents.


Ø     WAM Get Involved were hosting events as follows:


·         11th July at 10am-12pm: Safety Adults Training in Ascot/Bray room, Town Hall, Maidenhead

·         25th July at 12pm-2pm: WAM Network Forum


Members were also reminded that the Voluntary Sector Award nominations were closing later this week. The Voluntary Sector Awards were confirmed to take place on the 26th September 2018.


Ø     Mens Matters had a great turn out at their most recent drop in and they had seen a steady turn out of 15 attendees at each drop in session.


ACTION- That teenage depression be added to a future agenda.


Ø     St Johns Ambulance had been served notice by the landlord on the current lease at the premises at York Road. It was requested that all Forum Members and that the RBWM help in looking and securing alternative sites in order for St Johns Ambulance to carry out their Community 1st Aid obligations.