Agenda and minutes

Venue: Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4PF

Contact: Nabihah Hassan-Farooq  01628 796345

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting and gave thanks to Norden Farm for hosting the meeting.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor S Rayner (vice chair), Debra Beasley, Safia Mohamud, Parwati Mistry, Nicola Davidson and Fran Hemsley.


Declarations of interest pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To receive any declarations of interest.


No declarations of interest were received.


Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 5th December pdf icon PDF 74 KB

To note and agree the minutes of the last meeting.


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY; That the minutes of the meeting held on the 5th December 2018 were approved and agreed.


ACTION-  That the agenda item on Mental Health training be scheduled for the next meeting.


Armed Forces Covenant Update

To receive an update on the above titled item.


David Scott gave an update on the above titled item. Members of the One Borough Group (OBG) were informed that Vanessa Faulkner, HR Manager would now be the RBWM Lead for the Armed Forced covenant activity. Members of the OBG were told that she was unable to attend but that her presence would be expected at future meetings to provide the armed forces covenant activity update. The group were told that RBWM had achieved a silver award and were now considering aiming for the gold standard. It was outlined that Vanessa had begun working with Duncan Sharkey (the new MD of RBWM), and was currently working on a briefing note for the Corporate Leadership Team to this end.



Ways into Work- Supported employment services

To receive a verbal update on the above item by Becky Beechen.


This item was deferred to the next meeting as no one present from WiW.


Give & Take Care: Future Plans

To receive a verbal report on the above titled item by Dawn Sines (CEO of Give & Take Care).


Gabriella Spinelli gave a verbal presentation on the above titled item. Members of the Forum were informed that the Give and Take Care was a Community Interest Company (CIC) had formed in 2015 and that they were delivering a time banking scheme with the ambition to become embedded in society long term. It was outlined that there were both care givers and care receivers both of which were known as partners. It was highlighted that Give and Take Care delivered volunteered befriending support through existing charities and encourages regular one to one support visits which can become long term, meaningful friendships. Members of the OBG were told that this would improve the quality of care for many older adults by increasing connections with others and provide additional support with day to day activities. The scheme was available for those who were in existing family care arrangements, enabling family carers to bank some caring time for their own future needs. At present there was a limited volunteer pool and that the scheme currently operated across a number of regions including Windsor, Maidenhead, Wokingham and Leicester.


Give and Take Care had received a £1mil grant through the Better Care Fund (BCF) and Council funds. Members of the OBG were told that some of the work being carried out was to redefine attitudes around care and to work more widely with the demographic, as opposed to focussing solely on the aging population. The Forum were informed that a card had been created for volunteers to receive discounts. Breakfast meetings had been held with local businesses to encourage them to join the scheme. It was highlighted that there was a desire to coordinate the skills and talent from volunteers and to create an opportunity for all. There were opportunities to be developed with upskilling volunteers and wider opportunities for the community through this. Members of the OBG were informed that there was respite care available for those who provided care to others which was well received. It was outlined that there were concerns that some people who provided care had been receiving cash for their services and that the discount offering scheme would be more beneficial. The Forum were told that a BCF Fund had been placed in February for £550,000 and that this was a 1st phase bid for the Big Lotto Fund. It was outlined that there were currently 40 volunteers across the Windsor and Maidenhead area, 1000 volunteers nationally and 1500 hours of care were banked. Members of the OBG discussed ways in which they could distribute this information to their own networks. It was outlined that work with Optalis had been carried out in relation to training for volunteers. Members were informed that referrals were received from several clinics and that loneliness and isolation support was also offered.


Members of the OBG queried whether any work or contact had been made with local Housing Associations and it was confirmed that there had been work done in Rochdale with tenancy  ...  view the full minutes text for item 106.


Youth Council

To receive an update from Elaine Keating (AFC) on the above titled item.


Elaine Keating, Youth Engagement Officer (RBWM) outlined the above titled item. It was highlighted that the Youth Participation Strategy 2018-2021 had been updated and that there was a need for a Youth Council in the Royal Borough. It was highlighted that representatives from all backgrounds were welcome to join and that there had been a proposal put to the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) at RBWM for the proposed Youth Council to join the British Youth Council. It was stressed that the Youth Council would provide a platform for young people’s voices and opinions to be heard and that it was intended for them to be directly involved in decisions made by the Council. It was hoped that the creation of the Youth Council would change some negative perceptions of young persons. Members of the Forum were told that information evenings would be held over the upcoming months. It was highlighted that the British Youth Council had a good schedule of events confirmed for the upcoming year and that there were great opportunities for young people if they became involved, such as the “make your mark” campaign where Youth Council representatives had the opportunity to discuss issues at the Houses of Parliament.


Members of the OBG discussed that there should be some work carried out with social media and it was confirmed that this was being worked on across various platforms. Members of the OBG were asked to put forward any young people that would be suitable from the age of 13 upwards ( younger candidates would be considered). Members representing St Johns Ambulance, Army Cadets and Thames Valley Police would contact Elaine with details of suitable young persons.




Dates for 2019 SWAMI Community Street showcases - Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead

To receive an update from Anthony Lewis, on the above titled item.


Anthony Lewis (SWAMI) outlined the above item. Members of the OBG were informed that SWAMI worked to bring together interfaith groups an volunteer groups across traditional locality boundaries. A street showcase was organised for the summer and Members were told that last year had been a success with over 50 stalls exhibiting. Members of the OBG were informed that the street showcases would be held on the following dates:


-       Windsor High Street- 27th July

-       Slough High Street- 6th July

-       Maidenhead- to be confirmed.


It was outlined that the showcases gave great exposure to organisations and gave opportunities for collaborative working and partnerships to be formed. It was highlighted that there would be dance performances and live entertainment



Community and Membership update

To receive updates from Forum Members.


John Diack (Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, Thames Valley Police) introduced himself to the Forum. Members of the OBG were told that there were 12 police areas in the localised area and that there were 43 active police forces in the UK. Members were informed that as part of his remit that he co-ordinated schemes under the Neighbourhood watch and that these were dependant on community needs and wants. Current work was being carried out on promoting Neighbourhood Watch schemes and looking at ways of engagement. It was outlined that referrals were made through, family, friends, concerned residents.


Members of the OBG discussed the need for their details to be shared with the One Borough Group and it was noted that it would be useful to have a working directory of contact details and an outline for each organisation who attended the One Borough Group. It was highlighted that work had been carried out with Optalis to creating a directory and that it would be useful to add to this piece of work if possible to give the best signposting and guidance for all members.


ACTION- That DVS and NHF work together to produce an outline directory of OBG Members, their provided services and their contact details.  


Josephine Crabb (St Johns Ambulance) informed the Forum that there had been great youth engagement, holidays for those affected by a disability, first aid training, leadership and development and Duke of Edinburgh activities which were all planned to take place. The Forum were also told that the “count me in” campaign would be launched and that there was a private dinner planned at Windsor Castle.


Norden Farm Centre for the Arts updated the panel that there had been a bid proposal submitted to the Arts Council for further funding for their social project. It was noted that the next youth project would include a quest family fest which would be free to all and would take place over the Easter holidays. Members were told that there would be workshops held on Good Friday which included how to make a robot, street drum skills, circus skills. The Forum were told that an evaluation of the social project was undertaken and that results were available online. Members of the OBG were reminded that funds were still available through the PCC Fund and to apply to Thames Valley Police for further details.


Members of the OBG were informed that Dementia Action Alliance was now set up across the borough and that there was work being carried out to encourage other businesses to sign up. The Forum were reminded that referrals could be made into the Dementias Alliance via the Town Hall, Council Offices.


Ila Gangotra informed the Forum that there had been a successful Mosque Open day in Maidenhead held on the 3rd March. Members of the OBG were told that Allison Bradshaw (RBWM) had given a presentation and that voluntary organisation/interfaith reps were needed for the Early Help Governance Board. Members were asked to contact the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 109.


Dates of Future meetings

Dates of future meetings are confirmed as follows:


·         12th June 2019- Venue: TBC

·         11th September 2019- Venue: TBC

·         11th December 2019- Venue: TBC


Dates of future meetings were noted as follows:


·         12th June 2019- Venue (to be confirmed )

·         11th September 2019- Taplow Court

·         11th November 2019- Venue (to be confirmed)


It was requested that any organisation inform the clerk if they are able to offer a venue for the upcoming meetings and to get in contact with