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Parish Flood Group Update

To receive the above update.


Harry Clasper confirmed he was the nominal Chairman of the Parish Flood Group. It was set up before the Borough’s Flood Liaison Group existed. At the time of setting the Group up, the composition of the Borough’s Flood Group did not allow Parish Council representation so the Parish Flood Group was formed to allow the Parishes to have a voice. The Parish Flood Group had not met for some time but, it met when large issues came up. The Flood Risk Manager stated the general set up of the two groups was set out in the Flood Risk Management Strategy. Harry Clasper commented that over the years the relationship between the Parishes and the agencies had improved enormously and it was a positive development over the years.


Councillor Beer said he asked the Borough to have a flood forum years ago due to there being a lot of floods. The Leader said he could not have a meeting and that any flooding issues could be dealt with by officers directly; therefore, the Parishes set up their own flood group and it was an immediate success, it ran for two years and then the Borough wanted to cooperate with the Parish Flood Group. It was chaired by Ewan Larcombe at the time.


Carolyn Richardson, Joint Emergency Planning Manager stated her role covered three local authorities and her team had visited Cookham and Datchet over the summer and they wanted to visit Old Windsor and Wraysbury to conduct a walkabout and see what the problems were. The Joint Emergency Planning Manager wanted to carry out an annual teleconference with all flood wardens or, organise a get together for all flood wardens so that during a flooding event, everyone knew what they needed to do and everyone knew what everyone’s roles were. The Joint Emergency Planning Manager added she was still working on a flood plan with the EA and that would be sent out for feedback in due course.


Scott Salmon stated there was an open consultation from Defra on the improvement of management of water in the environment and there was a link on the Defra webpage where Members could provide their personal views. Defra were encouraging views from local flood groups. Scott Salmon said he would get the link circulated to Members so they could provide feedback to Defra.


Martin Coker stated his Parish had flood hubs and provided training. He suggested other council’s set up flood hubs as they were brilliant.


Ian Thompson stated flood maps were not accurate. The flood maps for Datchet did not tie up with the LIDOR maps. LIDOR maps covered a rise in areas that were not flooded so those areas struggled to obtain insurance. The EA needed to change their mapping to illustrate what happed in 2014 and actual levels experienced instead of using LIDOR. Martin Coker suggested the EA use Police surveys carried out from the air during the 2014 flooding event. Scott Salmon stated the LIDOR mapping was a combination of all major flooding events, included 1947.


v  Action – The Chairman to add a report on the Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to the agenda for the next meeting.

v  Action – The Clerk of the Flood Liaison Group to email the contact details of the Flood Liaison Group’s Members to the Flood Risk Manager and the Joint Emergency Planning Manager

v  Action – The Joint Emergency Planning Manager to email Members an invitation to attend a teleconference of flood wardens.

v  Action – Scott Salmon from the EA to circulate the link to the Improvement of Management of Water in the Environment consultation.