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Contract Award - Waste and Recycling Collection and Associated Services


The Lead Member for Environmental Services (including parking, flooding, housing and Performance Management) introduced the report that sought approval to award a new waste contract.


The Lead Member informed Cabinet that the Residents Survey showed how important the weekly bin collection was to our residents with a 88% satisfaction rating.


This report requested approval to award an eight year contract to the preferred bidder with a possible 8 year extension subject to satisfactory performance, so that residents will continue to receive a weekly waste and recycling collection.


If the recommendations were approved the council would separately undertake a procurement exercise for recycling of dry mixed recycling (DMR). The report requested delegated authority to directly award a contract for the processing of DMR to the Deputy Director Strategy and Commissioning in consultation with the Lead Member for environmental services to provide an outlet for the recycling collected in the Royal Borough.


The current waste and recycling collection services contract was due to end in September 2019 with a short-term extension to reduce the risks of an uncertain market and to allow time for a fuller mobilisation period which reduces the risk of disruption to residents.


The current waste vehicles had come to the end of their life so in the 2019-20 budget £4.5 million had been set aside for the purchase of a new modern fleet.  The Chairman mentioned that as current trucks had a life span of about eight years it made sense that the purchase of a new fleet being in the capital programme with the costs forming part of the contract. 


The Chairman mentioned that as this was such an important service for our residents with a high satisfaction rating that it was important to get the transition between contracts right first time, he recommended a soft launch.  The Lead Member informed that £100k had been set aside for the first year of the contract and £50k for the second year to help reduce the potential impact of the transition period as it was important to continue the current high performance.  The chairman said that as it was important to be resident focused he would recommend a small role-out to start with before going borough wide and he requested that a steering group be established to look at the transition period.


The Lead Member for Culture and Communities (including Resident and Business Services) informed that this was a brilliant paper and she was pleased to see addition funds being set aside for customer services to help with the transition period.


The Lead Member for Highways, Transport and Windsor said that as waste used to be his responsibility he was aware of how this high performing service was with only 10 or less bins not being collected each week which was an excellent service. He also said that the new fleet would have 360 degree visibility which would improve safety.


The Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health reported that this was an excellent service and he was one of the 10 collections that were missed.  He was pleased to say that once this was reported it was resolved quickly which was also an important part of the service. 


The Principal Member for Ascot Regeneration noted that paragraph 2.8 of the report showed that the new service would improve environmental efficiency and have low emission vehicles. The Lead Member replied that there would be 30% less carbon emissions and an electric waste vehicle was to be trialled.


The Lead Member for Children’s Services mentioned that all schools received a recycling service and our residents wanted a weekly bin collection.  We should incentivise recycling and promote in schools.  The Lead Member replied that he was part of one of the pre clarification meetings and saw some good ideas coming out around this area such as a bus going around the borough to promote recycling.  There was also greenredeem in place and we would continue to encourage recycling.


Cllr Beer informed Cabinet that he felt it difficult to believe that the current service could be improved and it would be good if the level of service was maintained. He saw the sense in the council purchasing the new waste vehicles and asked if there would be performance indicators and escape clauses.  The Deputy Director for Strategy and Commissioning informed that there were a number of KPI’s in the contract that were monitored weekly, monthly and quarterly.  There would be partnership working so any issues could be resolved but ultimately there could be a termination process if required.


The Chairman said that the administration had guaranteed weekly bin collection and with this new contract this would continue for a further 8 years with an 8 year extension.  The 88% satisfaction rating showed spending the additional funds on weekly collection was the right thing to do.


Resolved unanimously: that Cabinet notes the report and:

i)          Awards an eight year contract to the preferred bidder for the provision of waste and recycling collection and associated services, to commence on 1 October 2019, with a possible 8 year extension, subject to satisfactory performance.

ii)         Delegates authority to directly award a contract for the processing of dry mixed recycling to the Deputy Director Strategy and Commissioning in consultation with the Lead Member for Environmental Services including parking, flooding, housing and performance management.

iii)       Approves a one-off additional budget of £150,000 for the mobilisation of the waste contract.

iv)       Notes full Council’s approval of a capital budget of £4,500,000 in 2019/20 to fund new waste vehicles, subject to agreement on 26 February 2019.


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