Agenda item

Election of Deputy Mayor for 2019/20

For details of the Order of Proceedings please see page 7



In nominating Councillor Muir for the office of Deputy Mayor, Councillor Shelim stated that Gary was originally from Blackpool but had been educated at Henley College, before becoming the youngest ever Area Manager for the Association of Retailers of America. After that he spent a decade working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he met his long-time friend Jesse Grey. He moved back from the Middle East in 1989 to raise his two wonderful sons, Christopher and Jonathan, in Datchet. He was elected to the Royal Borough in a by-election in 2007. Councillor Muir discharged his public duty without a desire for fanfare or fame, media attention or public recognition.  He had raised thousands of pounds for numerous charities and had been instrumental in ensuring the traveller community in Datchet was valued, respected and an integral part of the village.  Gary Muir’s love for community, family and patriotism made him the perfect choice for Deputy Mayor.


In seconding the motion, Councillor Cannon stated that he had known Councillor Muir over 10 years in his capacity as Borough Councillor, Parish Councillor and together with Caron, as personal friends. Caron North would be a great support to Gary during the year ahead. Caron was born and raised in Sheffield. It was apparent from a very early age that her passion was animals. After College she moved to Old Windsor in 1985 where she studied Equestrian Science and Husbandry. These qualifications led into several jobs where she worked, trained and cared for horses. 34 years ago, while driving the horse drawn carriages in Windsor she met one of her closest friends, Bob Reagan. Little did she know that that meeting would be the beginning of a new chapter. Caron had always dreamt big ideas (no matter how crazy they seemed) and one of her biggest was to learn to drive HGV lorries, to join Bob on his farm business.


In 2002 Caron’s life changed when Blue Acre Horse Rescue was formed. Bob finally gave up fighting the growing numbers of horses turning up on the farm with Caron, with countless stories of terror told to him about their backgrounds.

A selfless and generous woman, Caron planned to change the world for as many animals as she could. The charity became Caron’s life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She created a sanctuary full of love and safety for not just horses but any animals in need. Today she cared for 43 horses, countless ducks and chickens, 6 dogs and 2 goats on a daily basis. She also worked part time at the Old Windsor Club. Caron lead the team on rescue missions, receiving calls in the middle of the night, attending immediately, completely disregarding herself, thinking only of the animals.


Blue Acre not only helped animals; it was very important to Caron that everyone had a safe place where they could be themselves and feel comfortable. She worked closely with the Ways Into Work Scheme through Blue Acre to help disadvantaged young people. Many young people and adults visited the farm on a day to day basis, and some stayed to become part of the team. Caron would always put others first, protect the ones who trusted her and would always battle for a better future. She would be a great support for Gary during his year in office.



It was moved by Councillor Shelim, seconded by Councillor Cannon, and:


RESOLVED: That Councillor Gary Muir be appointed Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for the ensuing Municipal Year.


The Managing Director declared Councillor Gary Muir duly appointed Deputy

Mayor. Councillor Muir made the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, witnessed by Councillors Shelim and Cannon.


In his speech of acceptance, Councillor Muir thanked Members for placing their trust in him by electing him Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for 2019/20. He particularly thanked Councillor Shelim and Councillor Cannon for proposing and seconding the nomination. He thanked his partner Caron North for agreeing to take the role of Deputy Mayoress; she would do a great job. He was looking forward to supporting his great friend and the dynamic new Mayor, Councillor Luxton, over the next year. and visiting as many community groups, charities and schools as he could.


Councillor Muir then presented Colin Rayner and Councillor Samantha Rayner with their past Deputy Mayor's and past Deputy Mayor’s Consort badges.