Agenda item

Update from the Environment Agency

To receive the above verbal update.


Brianne Vally, Environment Agency, provided members with an update. For rain catchment, the Thames catchment received 79% of the average rainfall in July with most river flows decreasing. There had been some isolated showers which had impacted the London area. The latest update on Black Potts Weir had been circulated in May 2021, with the main headline being that work on the weir would be paused to allow the Royal Windsor Horse Show to take place. During the gap, some repair work had been completed at Manor Farm Weir and the team was now back on site at Black Potts with completion scheduled for the autumn.


Brianne Vally mentioned the Thames Valley Flood Scheme consultation, which would be running from 26th May through to 20th August. A team had been set up to look at flooding across the Thames Valley catchment to reduce the risk in the area. It would look to manage the increased impact of climate change and support communities where local schemes did not currently exist, although it was not a substitute for schemes which were not yet happening in the Datchet and Wraysbury area. The flood risk management plan consultation would be taking place in the autumn.


Councillor Bhangra joined the meeting.


Dick Scarff asked when work on the Cookham bund would be likely to take place.


Brianne Vally said that the scope of work had been passed on to contractors but she would take it away to confirm.


ACTION – Brianne Vally to confirm with contractors when work would take place.


Dick Scarff had noted that the issue was animal damage and asked what animals had caused the damage.


Brianne Vally said that small animal burrows in the bund were the reason for the damage. Adding piling to the bund had been investigated to see if it could add greater protection.


Dick Scarff asked how much of the bund was being piled and whether other alternatives would be looked at. He asked if there was any new information on the Odney Weir being reopened.


Brianne Vally had noted Dick Scarff’s email regarding this issue but had not yet been able to speak with the relevant officer. It was agreed that this would be picked up outside the meeting as it was not directly flood related.


Councillor Baldwin had noted that the flood risk management plan would be published in the autumn and commented that this was late in the year to be publishing a plan.


Brianne Vally explained that the consultation would be published in the autumn. The plan was reviewed on a six year rolling basis, with the first cycle taking place from 2015-2021 and the second cycle taking place from 2021-2027.


Councillor Baldwin asked how documents for the consultation would be circulated.


Brianne Vally said that this was something that the team would work on this summer and they would look to have an engagement plan in place. The plan would be available for all to access through the Citizen Space website.


The Chairman said it would be included as part of members and residents newsletters once it was available.


Councillor Baldwin said that the plan should focus on the residents who were affected by the plan.


Councillor Larcombe said that the Windsor park gauge had a large cage around it. He asked what this was for.


Brianne Vally asked Councillor Larcombe to email her after the meeting and she would investigate and report back to the group.


ACTION – Councillor Larcombe to email Brianne Vally, the response would be circulated to the Flood Liaison Group.