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Windsor Neighbourhood Plan Adoption - Formal Making of the Plan

To consider the above report


Members considered adoption of the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan.


Councillor Coppinger explained that this would be the sixth Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted following Ascot, Sunninghill & Sunningdale, Hurley and the Walthams; Eton and Eton Wick; Old Windsor and Horton and Wraysbury.


He commented that what was especially encouraging with the plan was the way they had engaged with the community through a series of events, surveys, presentations and meetings.  In addition, two formal Regulation 14 consultations were undertaken. Following the procedure, the draft plan was examined by an independent examiner who recommended that, after a number of minor changes, the plan could proceed. In December 2020 Cabinet of the Royal Borough approved the Neighbourhood Plan going to referendum.


The referendum was held as part of the elections on 6 May 2021 in the areas covered by the Neighbourhood Plan. The results were clear: 4984 in favour, 617 against.


There was however a minor change to be made to the Plan following the vote. This was because clarity was asked for by a landowner in that a privately owned open space was marked as a public park. The landowner was very happy with the public usage but quite rightly wanted the word public removed.


Councillor Coppinger thanked all those involved for their commitment and unfailing enthusiasm.


Councillor Rayner thanked all involved for their commitment and dedication over a number of years. It was no easy task and required lots of skills. She quoted from the vision statement:


In 2034 developments in the WNP area have provided a more attractive and a better place to live, work and visit. It has protected and enhanced the character of the area as part of the wider historic (market) and royal town of Windsor.


Councillor Rayner felt this perfectly encapsulated the vision for the town.


Councillor Davey commented theta the document had already been used to get a planning application for a 5G Mast refused. It was a planning document that was worth its weight in gold and was already serving residents.


Councillor Tisi congratulated the dedicated team of local volunteers who gave their time freely. The plan would help preserve the town and protect its future.


Councillor Knowles commented that it was a brilliant effort by the volunteers. It had already been effective in relation to a 5G mast and an appeal registered in the last couple of days. Having a Neighbourhood Plan in place gave residents something to use to describe the effect rather than woolly words.


Councillor Stimson highlighted that the Plan talked proactively about sustainable roots and outlined in detail the green spaces and how they could be enhanced and protected.



It was proposed by Councillor Coppinger, seconded by Councillor Rayner, and:


RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY: That Council notes the report and:


i)             In accepting the result of the referendum, agrees to ‘formally make’ the Windsor Neighbourhood Plan Part of the Development Plan for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and;

ii)            Delegates authority to the Executive Director of Place and Head of Planning in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning, Environmental Services and Maidenhead to make minor non-material amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan as necessary prior to its publication.


Supporting documents: