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Keep our weekly bin collections

We the undersigned petition the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to Keep our weekly bin collections

Weekly bin collections are not a luxury for many residents of the Royal Borough, they are an essential service. The proposal to collect recycling and food waste bins weekly but move general waste collection to every 2 weeks is the start of a shift to a fortnightly bin collection in RBWM. Councils who move to fortnightly collections see overflowing bins, more litter and more fly tipping. Please invest in our waste collection services, look after the people who deliver these services and keep our weekly bin collections.

This is not about sustainability it is about saving money on rubbish collection. If it were about sustainability then then the council would provide every household with an additional blue bin for every black bin they plan to not collect.

Started by: Kevin Cordes

This ePetition runs from 22/10/2021 to 18/04/2022.

242 people have signed this ePetition.