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Practice flood defence equality

We the undersigned petition the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to confirm their support for the equitable planning, construction, maintenance, and management of the existing and proposed land drainage infrastructure and unblock the Wraysbury Drain at Hythe End, which has not been dealt with, after having been reported to the previous Council Administration 4 years ago.

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury are at severe risk of flooding at all times, the Jubilee River is used by the Environment Agency to protect Windsor, Eton and Maidenhead.

The chance of flooding is rising, and we urge the new Council Administration of Windsor & Maidenhead to demonstrate their commitment to the fair and effective planning, building, upkeep, and oversight of our current and future drainage systems, by firstly unblocking the Wraysbury Drain at Hythe End to protect the residents of Wraysbury.

Petition started by and submitted by Ewan Larcombe

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This ePetition runs from 19/09/2023 to 19/03/2024.

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