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Protect open space and Maidenhead United

We the undersigned petition the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to uphold the decision made on the 27th of July not to dispose of the open space land at Braywick Park to Maidenhead United Football Club for the delivery of a new community stadium, AstroTurf pitches, and athletics facility.

To protect and preserve the History of the oldest continuous club in the world and our open spaces in line with our climate and corporate strategy.

While we acknowledge the historical significance of Maidenhead United FC and its contribution to the town, we believe that preserving Braywick Park as open space is of utmost importance for the following reasons:

1. Protecting Open Space: Braywick Park is a valuable green space that provides recreational opportunities for the local community. It serves as a place for families, children, and individuals to enjoy nature, exercise, and relax. Disposing of this land would result in the loss of a vital community asset.

2. Environmental Impact: Braywick Park is home to diverse flora and fauna, contributing to the local ecology.

Started by: Douglas WattsWatts

This ePetition runs from 14/10/2023 to 12/12/2023.

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