Declarations of interest


Meeting:  Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021 6.15 pm - Council

8. Referrals from other bodies

  • Councillor Helen Price - Personal - Cllr Price was a member of Maidenhead Golf Club. She was advised by the Monitoring Officer that although there was a financial element, the decision on item 8 did not directly relate to the potential payment to members of the golf club. She should however request a dispensation as appropriate for future related decisions.

Meeting:  Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021 6.15 pm - Council

4. Petition for Debate - Maidenhead Golf Course/Great Park

  • Councillor Helen Price - Prejudicial - She was a member of the golf club. The Monitoring Officer confirmed that as Councillor Price’s interest was a potentially prejudicial interest, she had granted Councillor Price a dispensation to enable her to speak on the item as a local member to facilitate the debate.